Grace Timmons

Grace Timmons, of Austin, is with her family and friends after her band, the Haze Band finished playing at Shrimpfest and celebrating her victory over breast cancer. (Jared Van Epps/Wave photo)

The hot triple digit heat didn’t prevent people from enjoying the 39th annual Shrimp Festival in Seadrift last weekend.

Shrimpfest produced a lot of highlights this year from fishing tournaments, shrimp boils, music, and much more, but the story of one member of the Haze Band and her family was the big highlight of the festival.

Grace Timmons, of Austin, and one of the vocalists for the Haze Band recently won her battle with breast cancer and had a lot of support from her family last Saturday.

“I could have never made it through cancer without God, my family, and friends,” Timmons said. “I am so thankful for the group of supporters who came today to help us celebrate life,” she added.

The Haze Band is a local act from Seadrift and has played dance halls in South Texas since the 70s and 80s. Timmons joined the band in 1980 after graduating from Calhoun High School.

The band members would go their separate ways, but they never lost touch, Timmons said in an email.

In 2017, the band got back together to perform at Shrimpfest.

The following year the band was invited to perform again at the festival but declined due to Timmons’s cancer diagnosis.

After several months of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, Timmons became cancer-free and returned to perform with her band with love and support from fans, her bandmates, friends, and family last Saturday.

Nathan Janak, a cousin of Timmons from Bay City, came in to support her, the band and to celebrate the victory of her cancer battle.

“Two years ago, in 2017, we were here for the Haze reunion at the Seadrift Shrimpfest,” Janak said. “Last year we couldn’t do it, because she was battling cancer. She survived cancer, and we made it a point to come down and support her,” Janak added.

Janak said it has become a “family tradition” and a “reunion” and added that his newborn niece was in attendance. He remembers bringing newborns and listening to her cousin’s band in the 80s and 90s in Victoria and Port Lavaca.

“This was about 35 to 40 years ago, so it is kind of a family tradition, and it is a good way to get together,” Janak said. “We kind of treat it like a reunion, and we get to come out here and enjoy the day and the band, and some good music.”

Timmons said it was “wonderful” seeing the crowd and her family, and she added the band had a good time and “a lot of fun” at the festival.

Another highlight from Shrimpfest was the fishing tournament. Allen Harmon, of Port Lavaca, and his two teammates, Clint Beard, of Thorndale, Tx, and Mike Sibila, of Port O’Connor, caught about 30 to 40 fish during the tournament.

Harmon said one of his teammates caught a 26-and-a-half-inch trout, but he added that he had to release it because “it wasn’t tournament legal.”

Other Shrimpfest activities results:

Darcie Dierlam, of Seadrift, won the frozen t-shirt contest.

Taylor Carter, of Seadrift, won the shrimp-eating contest.

The Golf Cart Scavenger hunter winners were the Titanic Swim Team and Horseshoe Champs (first place), Golden Girls and Two Insanes (second place) and the Rugrats (third place).