PC reunion

Roland Patterson looks over the Wall of Memories while Jim Stear and Nancy Mayer talk during the Kids of PC Reunion at the Brush Community Center. (DD Turner/Wave photo)

POINT COMFORT – The Brush Community Center was rocking with the sounds of music and a chorus of how have you beens when the Kids of PC Reunion got underway recently.

These kids grew up when Alcoa was still a going concern and everyone’s parents worked for the plants and knew each other.

It started on Facebook, where members shared memories of their time growing up in Point Comfort, and gathered steam as more than 100 people signed up to come.

Jim Patterson, one of the kids who got the event rolling, said they hope to make it an annual event

“A lot of people came for their 65th class reunion at Calhoun High School and we combined the two. There are a lot of memories,” said Roland Patterson.

Attendees came from all over to make the reunion.

“It’s good to see old friends from back then,” said Nancy Mayer.

Larry Starnes recalled while growing up the “kids lived in the bay. We’d fish, swim – it was the best.”