The coronation of Saul to be king of Israel was an important event for the man and the nation of Israel. The desire of the nation was for a leader who would unify the looseness and give a united front in opposition to their enemies. When the ceremony was over, it is said that there went with Saul some men who heart was “touched by God.” Such men (individuals) are always needed.

Individuals whose hearts and lives can be touched by a grander and nobler calling. They, like Paul, simply ask, “Lord, what will thou have me to do?” (Acts 9:6). Individuals who can be touched and are ready for action—as we read concerning King Saul, these men “went with him.”

Elijah was such a man, as was Joshua and Moses, but no doubt our Lord was the greatest example. Of him, it is said, he “...went about doing good” (Acts 10:38).

Jesus is our divine example and those who are men and women of God. These are always men and women of action. They are also optimistic. Individuals whose heart God can touch see the harvest at the time of planting. They are telescopic and not microscopic in their lives and attitudes. They have good and precious news to share with those around them, and they look for a city “...whose builder and maker is Cod” (Hebrews 11:10). To them, the world grows better day-by-day, and their sole desire is to do their part in that accomplishment. They are individuals of humility, yet they help shape the world for good. They center their lives around God and his word.

We must always remember, goodness reinforces greatness, and God’s touch means greatness in the lives God touches and they are needed. Needed to give tone and morals to a society which otherwise becomes flimsy and awkward. They are necessary for the elevation of life, to keep it honest, and fill it with integrity. They give credence to the “Golden Rule” and show that a square deal is essential. They are needed to preserve our priceless inheritance won for us by the trials and struggles of Christ and beyond.

These individuals are also people of emotion. They see and react in the call for sympathy. They recognize loneliness and act accordingly. They love and are lovable, they “...weep with them who weep” (Romans 12:15). Like Jesus, they are moved with compassion. They do not torment the fallen but encourage them on their journey. They meet people where they are and never rest until those people are led to Jesus.

However, with all these traits they also have needs. They need to be encouraged, loved and to be shown appreciation. They also need to band themselves together to fight against the onslaught of apathy, liberalism, and ignorance. A pile of links is not a chain, but each link united with the next means union and usefulness.