Tim and Beverly Smith

Tim and Beverly Smith were recently honored with a celebration in recognition of 25 years of love and appreciation at First Assembly of God Church in Seadrift. (Contributed photo)

Timothy W. Smith Sr. started preaching in 1985 while serving at Calvary Assembly of God in Victoria with Pastor Billy Faltysek. He was invited to preach at First Assembly of God Church In Seadrift during the church’s search for a pastor. He preached at the church for a few weeks and was then elected to be the pastor in February 1994.

Smith recently celebrated 25 years with The Seadrift Assembly of God Church. His wife Beverly was appointed as assistant pastor in 2011 after becoming a licensed minister. The couple was surprised by expressions of love and appreciation during a ceremony planned by the ladies of the church. About 50 people joined in the celebration.

“Beverly and I received a beautiful engraved crystal plaque, a monetary gift and a large decorated cake with a great meal in the church fellowship hall,” said Smith. “We were deeply touched and enjoyed the entire event.

Smith said his greatest personal contribution to the Seadrift church has been dedication to God’s word.

“Preaching and teaching the truths of the Bible must be the priority of a minister’s service,” he said. “Being a servant and friend to God and following God’s leadership must be the minister’s personal priority. I cannot lead others into a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ without submitting to Him and following His leadership. “

Smith said his family has been blessed in Seadrift and have celebrated many life events while there. Their three children grew up in Seadrift and graduated from Calhoun High School. They have gone to college, earned degrees and have their own families.

“Both of our sons married Port Lavaca girls. Tim, Jr., married Rhiannon Davila and Matthew married Megan Durham. They live in Victoria. Our daughter, Leanne, married the Rev. Kyle Payne, of Shamrock. They live near Fairfield,” said Smith.

The church has been a tremendous influence in Smith family. He said his children have a great foundation in their walk with God from the Seadrift church. The couple also has six grandchildren.

“They are a joy to be around. It is a special joy to watch my children interact with their children. That is one of the blessings I enjoy most,” he said.

The church has been a part of the Seadrift community for 100 years this year. It began in 1919 on Main Street when a group of Christians gathered to hold a prayer meeting and Bible study. The meetings turned into worship services where preachers were invited to speak. A pastor was eventually brought in and a church started.

“The church has progressed over the years,” Smith said. “Many precious relationships developed. God has blessed the church family and our family. We love God and one another. The greatest change I have seen is the spiritual growth in the lives of people. As a family everyone is loved, encouraged and grows closer. As a church we have seen the same. Some have come and gone but the common evidence is the spiritual growth in the lives of people. We strive to know God more, live for him daily and serve him with passion.”

The gospel is still preached every Sunday and Wednesday. Missions are a priority, revivals are held, Sunday school and children’s church is held every week. The church shines as a lighthouse in the spiritual darkness of the world. It is an honor to be part of this heritage. In addition to the spiritual blessings, the church leadership has overseen the renovation of the church building, fellowship hall and classrooms while maintenance continues as an ongoing task. Every year, Smith schedules at least two revivals to let evangelists challenge and encourage the congregation in its daily walk with the Lord.

“We have partnered with missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission in several countries of the world,” said Smith. “Our missions support has grown and the mission of the church has expanded over the years. I have missionaries come to speak at the church when they are available to share about their field of service.”

The Smiths have been honored to perform many marriage ceremonies, baby dedications, baptisms, funeral services and numerous different events for the church and community.

“We often remind ourselves that the church is people, not buildings, but we do take care of the place where we meet,” he said. “Many memories of the people and events have taken place at the church. The church is a centerpiece of a Christian’s life.”

Smith said his greatest joy has been serving the Lord and encouraging others on their journey.

“It is an honor for us to serve in this capacity of God’s work. It is an honor to know we have helped to make someone’s life better,” he said. “We will not know the full impact of our service until we walk on heaven’s streets. Our goal is to know him more, live for him daily and serve him with passion. Our calling and election remain the same, we continue to serve.”