Do you ever look at your current circumstances in the light of the past? Do you ever weigh what is going on right now to the possibilities for the future? Or do you, like most, see only yourself and the world you live in in your immediate present headed wherever this runaway train is headed.

From world news to hometown papers, school shootings to nation bombing nation. From the doctor report you really did not want to hear to the phone call that never came in. There seems to be much hopelessness and fear all around.

While I also see the evil running rampant in our world, I can tell you that governmental policies are not the answer. “Doomsday prepping” won’t change anything. Gearing up for the “zombie apocalypse” is just silly. Surely you agree with that one. Long lists of medication or spending countless hours talking to someone about how your childhood was worse than everyone else’s will not be able to sustain you. Even though any of these might help temporarily, they are not the answer for our world globally or locally. So let me introduce the “X” factor.

Let’s look quickly at an abbreviated term for a holiday. X-mas. For whatever reason, whether good or bad, that you, Google, or Wikipedia say, the “X” is there, it still stands in the place of Christ. Literally, Christ is taken out of the word Christmas and replace with an “X”. That’s the “X” factor. Christ. If you take Christ out of Christmas, it is not Christmas.

The “X” factor works in the world around us every day and in every circumstance. The bible says in Isaiah 41:10,

Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

As the world keeps going day after day and tensions mount between nations, between families, and with many other situations, the one thing that often gets left out is God. The “X” factor. Jesus himself said in Luke 18:27 that

“What is impossible for people is possible with God.”

I know things look difficult in the world. I understand that things might be difficult in your world. Do not forget God. He can change everything. Acknowledge him. Ask for his wisdom and help. Do not forget, over 2000 years ago, what an impossible situation that was. Jesus was crucified and laid in a tomb. Things were bad, hope was lost and fear began to grip many. But the impossible is where God does his best work.

So, no matter how this world or yours seems to be going the wrong way, do not leave the “X” factor out of the equation.