$378,417 raised for county youth at livestock auction


The Calhoun County Fair held the livestock auction, Thursday, October 18, at the Port Lavaca fair grounds.

The auction raised $378,417 from the sale and add ons from the animals that were sold.

The grand champion steer, owned by Heston Lovett, 12, was auctioned off to RLB Contracting Inc., for $11,000.

Justin Epley, 12, Seadrift School, got $8,000 for his steer.

“I was happy, I thought it might have gone a little higher, but it was okay, he was a fair amount,” Epley said.

Epley said he will put the money toward his college tuition and for his next animal next year.

Christina Ragusine, 10, Seadrift School, the owner of the grand champion turkey, Gary, was sold to Bubba’s Seafood for $3,500.

Ragusine said she was really excited on getting the money, and she added she didn’t think she was going to make that much money.

“I’m going to put it into my bank account for my college fund.” Ragusine said.

Avery Svetlik, 9, Jackson-Roosevelt Elementary, received $4,500 for his grand champion swine, Jet, at the auction.

Svetlik said he is going to use the money to go to college.

The grand champions that were sold on Thursday:

Elle O’Donnell’s Grand Champion broiler was sold to RLB Contracting Inc. for $3,800.

Zoe Conde’s Grand Champion rabbit was sold to Con Metal Contractors for $3,500.


The Calhoun County Fair held their Livestock Show, Wednesday, October 17, in Port Lavaca.

Heston Lovett, 12, of Travis Middle, won grand champion for his steer, Extra.

The reserve champion of the steer competition was won by 12 year-old, Justin Epley.

Epley prepped his steer for eight months to participate in the Calhoun County Fair Livestock show.  

“I was originally doing pigs,” Epley said and I always loved to watch the steer show,”

Epley said this was his second year in the show, and he added he kept asking his dad if he can show a steer and  his dad said yes last year.

Cayme Lambert, 9, Jackson Roosevelt Elementary, won first place with her goat, Buddy, in the Lightweight class in the Market Goat competition.

Lambert said she named her goat Buddy because he was cute and nice.

Joshua Tidrick, 17, Calhoun High School, said he has been participating in the Livestock Show since elementary school.

Tidrick this year brought a lamb for the Market Lamb Competition.  

“We feed it a full pound a day, and run it late in the afternoon, and feed it after we finish running it.” Tidrick said.

 Jay Jimerson, one of the judges at the fair, said what makes an animal a grand champion, is that it must be structurally sound, have enough muscle, and enough shape to study behind.

Jimerson said the kids were great, and he added that the most important thing is for them to have a good time and do what they do.

“At the end of the day that is the most important thing, they come out here and they have something and they enjoy it.” Jimerson said.

The other Grand Champion results:

Market Grand Champion Lamb: Brianna Farmer

Market Grand Champion Goat: Emmaleigh Beck

Market Grand Champion Swine: Avery Svetlik

Market Grand Champion Turkey: Christina Ragusine

Market Grand Champion Roasters: Braeden Ragusine

Market Grand Champion Broilers: Elle O’Donnell

Mark Grand Champion Rabbit: Zoe Conde