Beef Quiz Bow

Keegan Brumfield, Briana Bordovsky, Bryant Bordovsky and Canion Epley are ready with the buzzers to answer the question from Geri L Kline, M.S., CEA- Ag and Natural Resources Calhoun County, while practicing for the Beef Quiz Bowl. The team will compete in College Station starting June 11 as part of the State 4-H Roundup. (DD Turner/Wave photo)

“Hands on buzzers - how does a cow’s digestive system work?”

And that could just be one of a myriad of questions Calhoun County 4-Hers will be asked as part of the Beef Quiz Bowl team that will be competing at the State 4-H Roundup at College Station starting June 11.

Canion Epley, who said he decided to give the team a shot, said a great deal of studying goes into the getting ready.

“We go through about 100 to 150 questions each night,” said Briana Bordovsky, who is in her second year with the team.

Team member Bryant Bordovsky said, “We spend a lot of time studying and memorizing. Last year we were in the Top 8 and this year we are hoping to do better.”

The Beef Bowl is a university quiz-style competition in which the competitors buzz in to answer the question. And the questions can cover any topic from digestive systems to breeds and all that’s in-between.

Also going to Roundup will be the Share The Fun Team.

Briana Bordovsky said they team looked at ideas, which lead them to writing their own script. It’s about a young girl, played by Canion Epley, who meets dolls with specific characteristic such as Jukebox Johnny and Zumba Zoey.

“We sat in the office and brainstormed, looked on the Internet and at other stuff to come up with the story,” said Westen Key, also a member of the Share The Fun crew.

Keegan Brumfield will be taking part in Beef Bowl and Share the Fun as well as presenting her speech on how animal husbandry is merging with medicine for the benefit of humans during the Public Speaking Competition at Roundup. Brumfield received first place at the San Antonio Livestock Show and placed with the Houston Livestock show with the speech entitled, “Animal Science and Health.”

“She does very well in public speaking,” said Geri L Kline, M.S., CEA- Ag and Natural Resources Calhoun County, who oversees the 4-H teams, helps with practice and much more.

And helping them all to get to state were the fundraisers include an online auction that prior to final bidding had raised an estimated $3,000, according to Sarah Brumfield, who put it together.

“This was the first time. Had some items donated so thought we would auction them and created the online auction,” she said. It soon grew to 68 items including a puppy, half-day fishing trip and much more.