Richard Whitaker

Head Coach Richard Whitaker gets his squad ready for Alice on Friday night. (Jared Van Epps/Wave photo)

Homecoming week culminates when the Alice Coyotes come to town Friday, Oct. 4, to take on the Sandcrabs.

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker is preparing his team for the Coyotes’ passing attack.

Whitaker said Alice executes the passing game very well and added that it is an area he is concerned about.

“I know we’ll be working very hard against their passing game,” Whitaker said. “This is a game that we need to control the clock, and play good defense in the secondary and get some pressure on the quarterback.”

Whitaker talked about how he prepared his defense last week for Gregory-Portland. He said this week his defense is practicing pass defense more than they normally would.

“Alice has the best speed in the district, and that is very concerning,” Whitaker said. “And our kids will have to be on their feet.”

Whitaker mentioned t

he key factors in winning the game are controlling the clock, getting first downs, keeping Alice’s offense on the sideline, committing no turnovers, and getting key stops.

Calhoun has scored on its opening possession in each of the first four games, and Whitaker hopes to keep that momentum going against Alice.

“It is something we take a lot of pride in; offensively scoring on the first drive of the first half and the first drive of the second half,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker added last season they scored on the opening drive in each game until Alice, and he said it is something that he and his coaches talked about, and it’ll be something to talk to his players about.

“You always want to get off to a good start and establish yourself early, and hopefully we’ll do that at home this week against Alice,” Whitaker said.

The Calhoun Sandcrabs host the Alice Coyotes Friday, October 4, in Sandcrabs Stadium for Homecoming.

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.