Classical Conversations

Ashley Barecky teaches students in her Classical Conversations different parts of Latin, Monday, Sept. 10 at Heritage Bible Church, located at 1901 Holloman Dr. in Port Lavaca. (Ross Stapp/Wave photo)

On a rainy, muggy day, the sound of tiny voices saying the pledge could be heard outside of Heritage Bible Church.

Going on inside was a community of homeschoolers getting ready to begin their education for the day through Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations is a “Classical” Christian homeschool community, according to director Carrie Jenkins.

“Classical education essentially teaches children how to learn for themselves. We load them up with basic knowledge (through memorization) and teach them how to recall that knowledge, and apply it to different situations,” Jenkins said.

She added that the Christian education aspect of Classical Conversations, “Acknowledges that God created the world and everything in it and that our entire existence is for His glory. Every subject points to God and Classical Conversations looks at the world through a Biblical lens.”

Port Lavaca Classical Conversations meets on Mondays, also known as community day and is a homeschool program.

“The parents are the teachers and most instruction goes on at home. What makes this program unique is that we are a community. We come together once a week and are able to support one another through our individual homeschool journeys,” Jenkins said.

Just like any other form of education, Classical Conversations uses a particular type of curriculum.

According to Jenkins, Classical Conversations uses its own curriculum, which was developed by Leigh Bortins and Port Lavaca Classical Conversations uses two programs.

When the classes meet, the tutor will introduce new content that the parents will reinforce throughout the week.

One of the programs is the Foundations program. It is for ages 4-12 and is taught in the morning.

“Our subjects are math, science, English grammar, Latin, history, and geography,” Jenkins listed.

The second program is after lunchtime and is called the Essentials program, which is for ages nine and older.

“This program focuses on English g0rammar and writing, while also reviewing math. This program is an in depth look at grammar and sentence structure,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said one of the biggest benefits of Classical Conversations is that it can help homeschooling families not feel alienated.

“People are made to be in community with each other. The very nature of homeschooling could cause homeschool families to be alienated. Homeschool communities are beneficial because they are a support system for the parents and students. Classical Conversations is beneficial because you get the homeschool community benefit while also getting a quality, award-winning curriculum, and a trained tutor to teach your child once a week,” Jenkins explained.

Port Lavaca Classical Conversations has four trained tutors on community day to teach each of the five different classes.

Jenkins said that there are several benefits to homeschooling, but she also said that it is not for everyone.

“For my family, my husband and I prayed about it, and we decided homeschooling would allow us to lay a foundation of Biblical truths and understanding of the world, so that we can be confident to send them out into the world as witnesses for Christ. I don’t think homeschooling is the best for everyone, all the time, but for our family, homeschooling is what we think is best, and I, personally, think Classical Conversations is the best option for homeschooling families,” Jenkins said.