Grand champion steer

Nine-year-old Hayden Ezzell took home $11,000 for his grand champion steer at Calhoun County Junior Livestock Auction Thursday, October 17. (Jared Van Epps/Wave photos)

The Calhoun County Fair held its annual Livestock Show Auction Thursday, October 17.

The Grand Champion Steer sold for $11,000, and nine-year-old Hayden Ezzell said he is pretty sure he is going to college after winning the money.

Ezzell said he was surprised that he won grand champion for his steer. He added the steer weighed 750 pounds initially and now weighs1354 pounds.

The Grand Champion Swine, Goat and Lamb auction brought in $14,000, and Lillyan Brown, 10, talked about collecting $5,000 for her lamb.

Brown said she felt good about winning grand champion and receiving a large sum of money.

Brown prepared for six months leading up to this year’s county fair, and she said her lamb weighed 134 pounds entering this year. She later talked about what she plans to do with the money.

She said she’ll use the money to pay for college and to buy her first vehicle.

Fernie Mendez, of Seadrift, in his second year of competition at the fair, thought it was crazy that his goat was named grand champion.

Mendez took home $3,500, and he said the money will go towards next year’s goat and his college funds.

Finally, 12-year-old Coltyn Judd, of Port Lavaca, took home $5,500 for his grand champion swine, and he said it was “amazing” that his hog was selected grand champion.

Judd said it felt good winning the money, and he added that it will go towards college.

A total of 126 animals were auctioned off in last Thursday’s auction, and the final total of the auction was –insert total later--.

--Grand (G) and Reserve (R) Champions:

STEER: Ezzell (G); Heston Lovett (R)

LAMB: Brown (G); Kendall Farmer (R)

GOAT: Mendez (G); Zachary Conde (R)

SWINE: Judd (G); Avery Svetlik (R)

TURKEY: Gage Darilek (G); Bransen Darilek (R)

ROASTER: Blaine O’Donnell (G); Hannah Harlan (R)

BROILER: Lillian Gossett (G); Max Ondreas (R)

RABBIT: Braylyn Galloway (G); Emily Mitchell