Roger Galvan

Former Calhoun County Commissioner Roger Galvan received a 10-year suspended sentence following a plea agreement during the 24th District Court Thursday at the Calhoun County Courthouse.

Galvan, along with Aron Luna, was arrested Sept. 12, 2016, for theft of property greater than or equal to $100,000 and less than $200,000 enhanced, a first-degree felony punishable by five-to-99 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

The deal the Attorney General's Office reached with Galvan included restitution of more than $100,000 and a prohibition against running for public office.

Galvan had no comment as he left the courtroom.

Aron Luna, arrested on the same charge, pleaded guilty in July 2019 and was given 10-years probation and was ordered to pay $52,638 in restitution. Also, Luna was required to testify in the Galvan case should it go to trial.

Galvan was asked several questions by Judge Jack W. Marr, including whether his plea was coerced and if his attorney represented him well. Also, he was asked to confirm his signature on various documents relating to the plea, including the confession.

Galvan was arrested Sept. 12 while Luna, who was serving on the Calhoun Navigation District board at the time, had been arrested Sept. 8 on the same charges. They posted the $20,000 bond and were released.

As previously reported, the initial focus of the investigation was on payments made by the county for a concrete rubble-type material called riprap, often used to help prevent beach erosion. Throughout 2015, The Wave outlined allegations of questionable practices by Galvan. Numerous sources and documents revealed that various contractors throughout the years delivered riprap to county locations at no charge. Several documents showed that the county, however, paid at least $214,195 for riprap, all in Precinct 1, and all approved by Galvan.

Public records outlined 40 payments to RBI Contractors between February 2008 and January 2015, totaling $217,595. Luna, who operated RBI Contractors, endorsed the majority of those checks.

According to indictment documents, Galvan allegedly "unlawfully appropriated" $105,275 from the county between Jan. 14, 2010, and Dec. 22, 2014. Documents further alleged Luna provided "aid" to Galvan to "unlawfully appropriate" $105,275 from the county between Jan. 14, 2010, and Dec. 22, 2014.

Wave staff reporters contributed to this article.