Nine Formosa Plastics employees from the same unit have tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to Formosa’s Director of Communications Steve Marwitz, as of April 24, 107 Formosa employees have been tested.

“We are working with local testing facilities to test anyone that was in contact with those individuals. After completing the necessary contact tracing and ensuring completion of applicable “test-trace-isolate” steps (which are repeated for any positive result), we plan to continue testing our site employees since the tests are now readily available,” Marwitz explained in an email.

Formosa continues to follow guidelines from both the CDC and Governor Greg Abbott’s Office.

“As those guidelines change, we adjust our practices. We have made adjustments to our benefits to further encourage our employees to inform our medical team of their symptoms and encourage them to stay home when they are sick,” Marwitz said.

Formosa is managing its production to meet the requirements and needs of its customers to fulfill its duties as a CISA manufacturer, Marwitz said.

“The EG2 construction is still temporarily suspended,” Marwitz stated.

Formosa’s medical team is managing each case through a strict protocol before allowing an employee to return to work, according to Marwitz.

Since February, 369 Formosa employees have been quarantined, but 313 have returned to work.

Formosa has been offering temporary extended and enhanced benefits to its employees since the end of March, prior to any employees being diagnosed with the virus.

“Supporting our employees and ensuring a stable and reliable supply of material to our customers remains a priority, as this pandemic has not yet shown any signs of abating. We must remain flexible and adapt to this dynamic crisis,” Executive Vice President Ken Mounger sent to employees in a memo on March 30. “In support of our team, I am pleased to announce, at this time, a number of temporary extended and enhanced benefits related to compensation and leave.”

Summary of Expanded and Enhanced Benefits

1) Formosa will be expanding Employee Compensation under the following circumstances:

- Employees subject to quarantine recommendations on orders from a health authority, or healthcare provider, or company medical staff;

- Employees caring for an immediate family member who is subject to such quarantine or recommendation.

- Employees experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking a medical diagnosis, who are quarantined while waiting for results.

2) Formosa will include in the Illness and Personal Absence Policy the following:

- Include the use of sick days for the care of others in the immediate family.

- Closure of a school/childcare for an employee’s child because of a public official’s

order relating to a public health emergency.

3) Formosa will provide the following additional benefits:

- All Formosa Employees, who have been positively diagnosed with COVID-19, will receive a $1,000.00 gift card to assist with medical-related costs and supplies.

- All Formosa Employees, who have an immediate family member who is positively diagnosed with COVID-19, will receive a $500.00 gift card.

4) Formosa is offering employees no-cost Telemedicine (Virtual Care) and COVID-19 testing related care.