Calhoun County Code Enforcement Officer Steven Boyd is asking residents to take care of abandoned vehicles on county right of ways before the office has to take action.

Boyd said if a vehicle is found abandoned in a county right of way an orange sticker will be placed on it giving the owner 48 hours to move the vehicle. After the 48 hours, the vehicle will be towed to the towing company’s yard.

Boyd said his office was giving people a head’s up as it is part of the Texas Litter Abatement Act that allows unattended or abandoned vehicles to be impounded.

“Mainly this is vehicles on someone’s property but parked on county right of ways,” he said. “If they don’t move them, we’re going to help them.”

Boyd came up through the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and is still a commissioned officer. He said he would be following up on retired Calhoun County Constable Bruce Blevins’s work in trying to get the county neater and more presentable.

“We want to get rid of clutter, trash and eyesores,” he said.