The CCISD School Board held its first meeting of the 2019-20 school year at HJM Elementary School Monday, July 15.

The board approved the fees for the district’s full-day Pre-K program fees of $1,800 a year, with a monthly charge of $200 for students that do not qualify for the state-funded program.

According to CCISD Superintendent Larry Nichols, the district did a “little investigation” of Victoria ISD on what they are charging for full-day Pre-K.

“Victoria is charging $3600 a year [for full-day Pre-K], and our proposal here is to charge half of that, $1800 a year, which will be a charge of $50 a week,” Nichols said.

In their June 17 press release, the district expanded the half-day Pre-K to full-day to align with the legislation’s approval of a full-day Pre-K program for low-income and other qualifying students.

Students who don’t qualify for the state-funded program can still sign up for full-day Pre-K, according to the press release, but tuition will apply.

The board approved the fees so parents can sign their child up for full-day Pre-K at an affordable price.

Board President Bill Harvey said the superintendent and school board did a good job figuring out full-day Pre-K and understanding “the value of having kids in Pre-K.”

“We wanted to make sure that we do it at a price that certainly offsets the cost to it,” Harvey said. “But it would still help us some and still make it affordable for parents,” Harvey added.

Students attending full-day Pre-K, who are under the state legislation guidelines, are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch, according to the media packet.

Nichols said it’ll be an adjustment for the teachers and students transitioning to full-day from half-day Pre-K.

“We have room and are excited to do it, and it’s going to be fun,” Nichols said.

In other news the board:

-- Approved to update its Board Operating Procedures Manual.

-- Approved additional Bond Funded projects which include replacing the Travis Middle School woodshop roof, demolition of the Seadrift bus barn and tile replacement for HJM Elementary hallway.

-- Reviewed the Investment Policy CDA (LOCAL)

-- Approved Policy Update 113 - Affecting (LOCAL) Polices as-is: BBE, BDD, BJCD, CO, COA, CON, CRB, EHBAF and EHBL.

-- Approved $3,500 for the CI (LOCAL) for School Properties Disposal.

-- Approved to revisit FNF (LOCAL) for student rights and responsibilities—Investigations and Searches.