H.E.B. school supplies

Ezequiel Apodaca, Mike Caraway, Chris Collins, Mario Chavana, Radley Williams, and Damian Chavez loaded up school supplies from HEB and distributed them to the seven CCISD campuses. (Contributed photo)

Calhoun County School Board approved to purchase school supplies for the students of Calhoun County in its July 13 meeting.

CCISD partnered with HEB to help get the students’ school supplies to kick off the 2020-21 school year.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Maggie Hernandez said the district and HEB have been in collaboration since late June, and she added the district was pleased with the support and help from them.

Hernandez talked about the idea of the district doing this for all the campuses in CCISD.

“The idea of having the school district purchase school supplies for all CCISD students was discussed at an executive staff meeting and then shared with campus administrators in June,” Hernandez said. “Fully aware that the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting our families in many ways, our administrators and school board wholeheartedly supported this endeavor.”

The district has “focused on students supplies that are necessary for starting school and classroom learning,” Hernandez said.

HEB Store Manager Mario Chavana said the district came to them about purchasing school supplies to the students, and he added they partnered with CCISD and gave them a donation, so the district has funds “to provide enough school supplies for everybody.”

Hernandez listed the supplies that students will be receiving: notebook paper, pencils, pencil cap erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, map colors, glue sticks, hi-liters, plastic folders, composition books, spiral notebooks, Kleenex tissues, writing tablets, pencil bags, and earbuds.

“These school supplies will help our students begin the new school year with individual supplies,” Hernandez said. “Classrooms will transition away from the sharing of supplies to promote student health and safety.”

Chavana talked about the importance of HEB and CCISD doing this for the students of Calhoun during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s very important for us. We want to make sure that our children in our communities are provided for, as you know. We partner up with many organizations,” Chavana said. “We partnered up with CCISD in many different areas that they’ve taken care of their children…and we want to make sure we’re part of that.”

Chavana said HEB has worked with the district before with the Back to School drive every year, but this year the pandemic changed that.

“Unfortunately, because of social distancing and the COVID, we weren’t able to do that,” Chavana said. “We were just so blessed that we were able to do something like this, where we can come together with the school district and provide it within other means.”

Hernandez talked about the school board’s decision to do this for the students of Calhoun County.

“It is great to have a Board of Trustees who supports every endeavor to help our students,” Hernandez said. “The Board’s vote to approve the purchase of these school supplies for all Calhoun County ISD students was a sincere gesture to assist our students and families during these challenging times.”

The school supplies arrived Friday at HEB, and Hernadez said the CCISD Maintenance Department will pick them up and drop them off to the seven campuses.

She added, “The campus administrators will decide how the supplies will be given out to the students.”