Calhoun County ISD school board posted a clear bag policy for stadium events Thursday, August 29, at their regularly scheduled meeting.

In a CCISD press release, the new policy is a continuing effort to improve safety and security for events held at Sandcrabs stadium.

CCISD Superintendent Larry Nichols spoke to the Wave about the clear bag policy, and he said the one thing is to make the stadium safe and set up a barrier.

“We’re just trying to protect the fans on both sides; home and visitors,” Nichols said.

In the Corpus area and including Victoria ISD, Nichols said, a clear bag policy has been issued for their sporting events.

“If you are going to walk into Victoria ISD, like we did last week, and be required to have clear bags, then why not have it here,” Nichols said.

Fans have time to get their clear bags before CCISD enforces the policy at the first home district game on October 4, Nichols said.

He added a warning is to be issued early in the non-district games for those not using clear bags.

“That’ll get everyone to get their bag...and we want to be fair to people and give them a chance [to buy a clear bag],” Nichols said.

As of now, the policy applies only to stadium events, and Nichols encourages parents traveling to Corpus and Victoria to attend basketball and volleyball events to utilize clear bags to comply with the policy.

Plans to expand the policy is probably coming, Nichols said. He added the district wanted to “start off easy this year” and “introduce the new idea” of the clear bag policy and to give people a chance to buy them.

The Calhoun Athletic Booster Club will be selling two types of clear bags at all the football games at the booster club booth.

The prices for the bags are $10 for a clear backpack to $15 for a clear tote bag.

Bill Shrader, of the Booster Club, said all the money received from the bags is going toward Calhoun athletics.