On Monday evening shortly after 5 p.m., the City of Port Lavaca was hit by a very aggressive computer virus. According to James Dale, the City’s IT Contractor, “The agents generally strike after hours expecting no one to be working on the system. We were in the process of improving security for the City’s infrastructure and were able to stop the attack mid course.”

The individuals that attacked the City however, were able to do significant damage to disable the City’s computer system.

City Manager William DiLibero stated, “The attack brought down our billing system. Our online and auto payment systems are out of service and we have gone back to our older collection process. We will need to rebuild portions of our database in order to get the system back to full operational status.”

The City has worked with State and Federal agencies to address this attack. Dilibero stated the City is working with companies associated with our Municipal League Insurer to assist in recovery of encrypted data and cleaning individual workstations.

The City is not alone in facing these attacks. Both Jackson County and the City of Ingleside have recently faced similar attacks. During the time of the Port Lavaca attack, the Department of Information Services were working with a number of cities in North Texas who has also just been attacked.

The Port Lavaca Wave will update the community as further details become available.