A proposed energy storage unit was presented to commissioners, but no action was taken, during last Wednesday’s meeting of the Calhoun County Commissioners Court.

Dan Ditto, of Black Mountain Energy Storage, spoke to the commissioners and County Judge Richard Meyer about leasing or purchasing five acres of land adjacent to the American Electric Power substation for an energy storage project on Henry Wehmeyer Road.

“Electricity is the only commodity that cannot be effectively stored,” Ditto said.

Ditto described the energy storage units as a “conex box” designed to keep anything harmful out.

“Battery storage is uniquely suited to provide critical reliability services. It is the most effective and economic means of storing electricity,” Ditto said

After asking questions regarding leasing, the source of energy, types of batteries used, and whether South Texas has other energy storage stations, commissioners opted to review this agenda item another day when the county attorney could be present.

In other business, the commissioners:

Approved to vacate a part of Tract Seven out of 146 acres described in file number 2019-01808 of the Calhoun County official records, Port O’Connor.

Approved to acknowledge the receipt of the proposed amendment to Article IX of the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission’s bylaws and authorized county judge to assent or dissent to the proposed amendment.

Approved the final plat of the Kuyrkendall Subdivision.

Approved to close Water Street between 13th Street and the Port O’Connor Fishing Center west of 15th Street and 14th Street between Commerce Street and Water Street from 7 p.m. to midnight, July 23, and 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., July 24, in Port O’Connor.

Approved to authorize the EMS director to sign a contract with Hurt’s Waterwaste Management for the south station sewer system maintenance.

Approved to award the bid for infrastructure at Little Chocolate Bayou County Park – playground improvements for Calhoun County under the Texas General Land Office contract number 20-065-064-C182 and Calhoun County CDBG-DR 2020 contract work order number (E-1).

Approved to transfer an office chair from Emergency Management to Calhoun County EMS.