The Calhoun County Attorney was instructed to seek prescriptive easements at Magnolia Beach following a closed session during the Calhoun County Commissioners’ Court meeting Wednesday.

The easements would be from the crabbing bridge to the pavilion at Magnolia Beach.

The motion was made by Commissioner David Hall and seconded by Commissioner Vern Lyssy. The vote was unanimous.

A prescriptive easement is obtained through adverse possession and only exists when permission to use the easement does not exist, according to Texas AgriLife Law Blog,

To obtain the prescriptive easement, it must be proved that the easement has been used for at least 10 years, and the use was open and notorious; continuous; exclusive; and adverse, according to the site.

In other business, the court:

• Approved specifications and invitation to bid packets for Inmate Telephone Services and Inmate Banking Software, as well as Commissary Service and fiduciary management services.

• Approved a Field Internship Affiliation Agreement between Calhoun County EMS and Lifesource Educational Services.

• Approved Texas Department of Motor Vehicles fee schedule with Option A – No Change to the fees charged.

• Accepted $20,560 in auction proceeds to be deposited in the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department Vehicle Maintenance account.

• Acknowledged two increases in the Sheriff’s Forfeited Property Fund for 2021 of $6,774 and $2,500.

• Approved removal of four Sheriff’s Office vehicles, which will be sent to auction.

• Authorized Commissioner Joel Behrens to seek a grant from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Non-Urban Outdoor Recreation Grant Program. They also authorized Behrens to contract with Kathy Smartt Grants to prepare the application.

• Accepted the proceeds of $28,053 from CM Company Auctions.

• Approved the final plat of the replat of Lots 17, 18, and 19 of the Saltwater Haven Subdivision in Port O’Connor.

• Contracted with G&W Engineering for the hospital roof and air conditioning engineering.

• Transferred an iPhone from County Judge’s Office to Human Resources.

• Accepted June reports from the Calhoun County Extension Service and the Calhoun County Tax Assessor-Collector.

• Approved eight amendments to the 2020 budget.

• Approved payment of bills and payroll for the county and Memorial Medical Center.