Dow Seadrift unloaded its first trailer load of recyclables at the Calhoun County Recycling Center Friday as part of its site-wide recycling initiative.

Almost 1,500 pounds of recyclable material, including plastics and cardboard, were unloaded Friday.

Dow’s “Stronger Together” 2021 Site Strategy implemented site recycling efforts and waste reduction strategies at their Seadrift and Victoria locations. Earlier this year, large recycling bins were placed around the plants to begin collecting water bottles and other items that can be recycled, according to a Dow press release.

The materials collected from the Dow facilities are the result of daily activities and large-scale activities during turnarounds, which are planned onsite maintenance operations on equipment involving hundreds of employees, the release stated.

The company is partnering with Calhoun County in its recycling efforts. Commissioner Vern Lyssy, Precinct 2, donated the large recycling bins to assist in the effort.

“Any partnership in recycling is important,” said Lyssy.

Karlos R. Moreno, turnaround manager for Dow, presented Lyssy with a “Site Strategy Medal,” which is awarded to those who go above and beyond to see the strategy goals achieved, according to the press release.

“This honor is mostly reserved for site employees; however, Commissioner Lyssy has earned the merit for his commitment to our “Stronger Together” program,” stated the release.

Recycling is important to Dow and the community because it keeps waste out of landfills, reduces litter, saves energy, reduces pollution, and conserves natural resources, according to the press release.

“It is very important to recycle,” said Lyssy, noting it’s the way of the future and protects natural resources.

The efforts from Dow employees and contractors across the site are also directly responsible for the success of this program, stated the release.

Dow employee Jason Ammerman is leading the program and is personally delivering the bins full of recyclable materials to the Calhoun County Recycling Center on a regular basis.

“The support we’ve received at Dow during the implementation of this program has been nothing short of amazing. Having support from the county, our local contractor group, and a workforce passionate about waste reduction has made the roll-out of the program much easier than I anticipated,” said Ammerman in the release. “A special thanks to Commissioner Lyssy for the bins; Palacios Marine Industrial (PMI) for logistical support; and fellow Dow employee, Karlos Moreno, for being an integral part of Seadrift’s vision of being the best neighbor.”

Other sustainability efforts at Dow Seadrift Operations, in addition to the recycling program, include encouraging employees to bring their own coffee mugs to reduce waste, implementing paperless initiatives, and reducing the amount of fresh water needed in support of our manufacturing operations.

The county’s recycling center is free to residents.

Items accepted at the recycling center are:

- Plastic #1-5, #7 (no Styrofoam #6) – rinsed with lids removed.

- Paper – newspaper, books, white, colored, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, junk mail, food and drink boxes, and corrugated cardboard cut into 2-foot by 2-foot pieces. Shredded paper is not accepted.

- Motor oil containers.

Items not accepted include liquids, garbage, glass, Styrofoam, all plastic shop bags, trash bags, shredded paper, toys, light bulbs, food contaminants, other metals, and electronics.

Items do not have to be sorted but placed loosely in any available bin. Nothing should be left on the ground.

The Recycling Center is at 900 Landfill Road in Port Lavaca. Call 361-552-7791 for more information.