EFCC treat sacks

The Education Foundation of Calhoun County handed out more than 300 bags filled with essentials and other goodies for students affected by COVD-19. The bags were passed out at different campuses during lunch pickup. (Contributed photo)

Sherry Ficklen


With about 70 percent of Calhoun County Independent School District’s student body qualifying for free or reduced lunches, the Education Foundation of Calhoun County stepped in to feel a need since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

“We as a foundation understand the need in our county,” said Dallas Franklin, president of the EFCC. “I never understood until I got involved how much our students go without.”

The foundation recruited members, Delia Kolar, Brianna Carey, Lindsey Smith and Veronica Downs, along with local businesses to help fill plastic bags full of snacks, toiletries and other small essentials. The bags were given out in the food pickup line at each campus.

“We gave out all 300 bags within an hour at the different schools,” said Franklin. “I never understood tell I got involved how much our students go without. These kids didn’t choose the life they were given.”

Helping with the effort were Jecker Flooring and Glass, Ruby Boyd, Chris and Candice Taylor, Jacklyn Hartl, The Lucia Ornelas Foundation, Kerynn Lathrop and Smile Experts.

The EFCC works alongside many teachers.

“We hear the need and its way more than most realize, said Franklin. “I, and the foundation, will always do everything we can to make a difference in these kids lives. Lots of our teachers give out of there own pocket to make things happen. I often wonder how they do what they do, but our teachers at CCISD truly care about our youth.”