Lighthouse Beach Fishing Pier

The above photo is a blueprint to what the new T-head will look like. The pier is projected to be completed in October 2021. (Contributed photo)

The City of Port Lavaca is gearing up to begin a long list of capital improvement projects throughout the city.

One of the main local and tourist attractions in Port Lavaca is the Lighthouse Beach Fishing Pier, which was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. The city has launched a $3,000,000 project, with most of the money spent being reimbursed by FEMA.

The one part of the pier that remained intact following Hurricane Harvey was the T-Head. The existing T-Head will be torn down to make it the same height as the new pier. The elevation of the current pier is 5.7 feet, but the new pier will be constructed five feet higher at 10.7 feet.

The reason for raising the elevation of the structure is to combat storm surge. Some other structural improvements that will be made are support beams installed every 10 feet rather than 20 feet. All of the connecting hardware will be stainless steel.

According to City Engineer Jody Weaver, the new T-Head will be designed to be somewhat larger than the existing one and will be equipped with one or more shade structures.

The construction of the pier is projected to begin early in 2021 and be completed in the fall of 2021.

Located to the west of the fishing pier is the Lighthouse Beach Boat Ramp, which is currently inoperable due to severe deterioration of the original wooden bulkhead due to decades of wear and tear. The only damage the boat ramp sustained during Hurricane Harvey were voids created under the sidewalk around the boat ramp as a result of the storm surge, according to Weaver.

Completion of the bulkhead is required before the sidewalk construction can begin.

The old wooden bulkhead will be replaced with a new vinyl bulkhead in the immediate area of the ramp. A concrete cap will then be constructed over it.

The work to the bulkhead and sidewalk has a projected completion date of mid-October.