Only four more Formosa Plastics employees have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), since the last update from the plant almost three weeks ago, which brings the total to 13 confirmed cases.

On April 24, Formosa’s Director of Communications Steve Marwitz reported nine Formosa employees had tested positive and 107 being tested. In an email sent Thursday, May 7, the number of total employees that tested positive was 13 with over 150 tested. He further added that contractor employers have reported 11 of their employees have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic.

Marwitz stated that Formosa is continuing to test as they follow screening procedures. He added that testing is based upon contact tracing when needed and testing availability.

As of May 7, 415 Formosa employees have been quarantined, but nearly 88 percent (364) have returned to work.

Regarding Formosa’s safety protocol, Marwitz explained that Formosa continues to follow the CDC and Governor’s Office guidelines.

“As those guidelines change, we adjust our practices,” Marwitz said.

Marwitz said the state’s health department has not given Formosa any mandatory guidelines.