Indianola Fishing Marina

The Indianola Fishing Marina, which is the hub of the Indianola community, caught fire earlier today, as Hurricane Hanna inched closer to the coast.

Although Hurricane Hanna did not make direct landfall in Calhoun County, the storm surge it created affected coastal towns in proximity.

Marina owner Brenda Hanselka said she knew the storm surge was coming, and she expected it to be about two feet.

She said she raised things off the floor inside the store to be on the safe side.

This morning, Hanselka looked at her cameras from the marina, and the water was higher than she expected. She said she wasn’t expecting the water to get high until later this afternoon.

“I called an employee that was staying in one of our rentals there. He said it (water from the storm surge) is really high in the parking lot,” Hanselka said.

Hanselka and her husband went to the marina and retrieved the computers and irreplaceable items from the store. She said at that time they had power, and there were about four inches of water in the store,

Since the water was rising rapidly on the roads to the marina, Hanselka and her husband went back home so they would not get stranded.

When they got home, Hanselka said she received a call from her security company that the alarm in the store was sounding off. Hanselka said she logged into her security cameras and saw smoke.

She sent her employee to the store to turn off the main breakers. He reported to Hanselka that, when he opened the front door, the store was full of smoke, and he could see a fire.

There was damage to the bait room and the store. Hanselka said anywhere from a quarter to half of the building’s roof collapsed.

Hanselka said half of the building was not damaged.