With graduation approaching quickly for the Calhoun High School Class of 2020, one person decided to honor the seniors in an amazing way.

Delia Kolar, owner of Kolar Photography, along with her sons Morgan and Ty Kolar, hung a banner for each of the 260 Calhoun seniors on the fence at Sandcrab Stadium on State Highway 35 N.

“I knew that this year would be a tough year for the seniors because a lot has taken away from them because of the COVID-19,” Kolar said. “The community has come together to ‘adopt a senior’, and this was a way to commend them for all the hard work they have done.”

Kolar said it took 10 hours over two days for her sons to put up all the banners.

She added they wanted to make sure to fasten the banners properly.

Kolar got the idea from an online post and said she had made banners for the school district in the past and for “individual sports”, and they could do this for every senior.

Kolar has been making banners for district and parents for seven years.

“I have been involved with different organizations throughout the community and school districts, and I knew I could handle something like this,” Kolar said.

The project was special to Kolar since her oldest son Morgan graduated from Calhoun and is now attending Texas A&M University, and her son Ty, a Calhoun Sophomore, will graduate in 2022.

“I know how exciting it was for me as a parent and being part of the class,” Kolar said. “I know that it would be the same for these parents and students, and it would be a different experience for everyone.”

Hanging the seniors’ banners was a great way to keep their spirits up, Kolar said, and knowing the community has been supporting them since they couldn’t take part in the events “that are most celebrated in the last several months.”

“I’m the Vice-President of the Education Foundation of Calhoun County, and seeing teachers and students succeed brings music to my ears, and being involved in this just brings join to my heart,” Kolar said.

Kolar received positive reactions from the parents and seniors to the photo banners.

“The parents’ reactions were fantastic. We had so many donations come in to pay for them in a matter of 24 hours,” Kolar said. “The parents wanted to have their photos up so that the seniors would be recognized.”

Kolar said seniors reached out to her to see if they could get their photo up, and the answer was “always yes”.

“I wanted to make sure every senior, if possible, was out there,” Kolar said. “While the banners were getting put out, people were stopping by and getting photos, and you could see the excitement of everyone.”

Kolar also received praise from Calhoun High School Principal Nicole Amason for making and displaying the banners for the seniors.

“Delia Kolar has always been a tremendous partner with Calhoun High School,” Amason said. “It warmed my heart to see her put this project into motion. This was no small feat.”

Amason appreciated the efforts from the parents and the community who “jumped in to assist, and she said she knows the seniors and their parents were “thrilled with this special project.”

This is the first time that a senior class has been honored in a special way, and Kolar thinks this will kick off a new tradition for future seniors.

“I think this would be a great tradition to do every year,” Kolar said. “Because the students will be able to keep the banners, I feel the parents and community will love to do this every year. I can sure make this happen.”

Hope High School did a similar move to honor their seniors.

According to Hope High School Dwana Finster, Shawn Dworaczyk, of D&D Material, and the Dworaczyk family donated to honor Hope’s first principal Brenda Dworaczyk.

Finster added the banners were created by Alysha Dudley, of Announcements Plus.

Calhoun and High School have their graduations tentatively set for Friday, May 29, and Saturday, May 30.