Members of Calhoun County Law Enforcement agencies have announced they will be heading to Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration Wednesday, Jan 20.

Five members of Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and three members Seadrift Police Department announced last week that they will be joining many Law Enforcement agencies in the United States for the Presidential Inauguration.

Calhoun County Sheriff Bobbie Vickery will be sending Lieutenant Joe Garcia, Investigator James Tolar, Deputy Wesley McKelvy, K-9 Deputy Dakota Smith, and Detention Deputy Robert Montero.

Vickery talked about the five CCSO members heading to DC, and the honor to have them represent Calhoun County.

“I’m proud, very proud, it’s an honor to be able to go and represent Calhoun County, Texas as being part of any historical event.” Vickery said.

Vickery explained how his members got invited to the Presidential Inauguration. Vickery said Constable David Thomas reached out and asked if him he is willing to “send some folks” to the inauguration.

According to Vickery, Thomas was one of the few that went to the last inauguration.

“We put our heads together and asked the folks that are interested, and these were interested in doing [the security] detail.” Vickery said.

Lieutenant Garcia and Investigator Tolar talked about representing their county at this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I was pretty excited to have an opportunity to represent the sheriff’s office to do such a task to protect the president.” Tolar said. “And that is honorable and distinguished amongst a few officers, so to have that opportunity it’s a great reward for us.”

Garcia said it is an honor that he and his fellow CCSO members to be picked to do this security “detail”, and he added it’s a big deal to be included in “detail security for the president.”

CCSO will not be flying alone, Seadrift Police Chief Leonard Bermea, SPD Lieutenant Louis Warren and SPD Sergeant Michael Henry will be representing their city at the inauguration.

Bermea talked about him and two of his officers representing Seadrift in Washington DC.

He said he takes very seriously and consider this as an honor.

“It really didn’t matter to us who won the election, it is a great honor for us to be able to serve [at the inauguration}.” Bermea said.

Bermea added SPD will be serving along side the Metropolitan Police Force of Washington DC, and they’ll be issued honorary badges at the event.

Warren talked about representing Seadrift alongside Bermea and Henry for this special event.

“It feels amazing to be part of something that is historic…I believe in my knowledge it is the first time that Seadrift Police Department was ask to go [to the presidential inauguration.]” Warren said.

Garcia talked about having Seadrift joining them for the inauguration as well.

“It is great because we work together as a department,” Garcia said. “So it is nice to go to this detail as a team.”

With the events that unfolded in Washington DC at the state capitol, Vickery talked about safety about his five CCSO members.

“They’ll have a lot good men and women in law enforcement alongside them.” Vickery said. “So I feel really confident that the people picked from other agencies across the Untied States are sending their top folks.”

Vickery added he prays for their safety and their safe return from the inauguration.

Bermea talked about keeping him and his two officers safe during the inauguration.

“We went out this month and we qualified at the range to make sure we’re proficient again.” Bermea said.

Bermea added it adds more range proficiency under their belt, and he said it is a yearly thing they do.

“It’s good thing we did it in the month so that way, hey listen, we’re fresh off the range we know what to do.” Bermea said.

CCSO and SPD will head out Monday, Jan. 18 to Washington DC, and will fly back home Jan. 21.