The mayor of Point Comfort has tendered her resignation effective immediately via an email addressed to citizens, council, and staff.

Leslie Machicek wrote in the email:

“Dear Citizens, Council, and Staff,

“After many prayerful months, effective immediately, I will resign my post as mayor of Point Comfort. Due to issues out of my control, I feel I can’t give enough of myself to serve the citizens of the community effectively. I also feel this budget should be overseen by the new mayor since this will be his budget to work with. He and I have met weekly, and I feel he is ready to take on the task. I have learned a lot, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you all. You all matter, and you all are gifts.”

Point Comfort delayed its municipal election set for May until the November General Election due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Warren was the only Point Comfort resident to file to run for the position of mayor.

Point Comfort City Attorney Carly Wall said he could be appointed mayor during the Sept. 24 meeting.

“At the meeting on September 24, the council will have action items to accept the mayor’s resignation and to appoint a new mayor to serve until November 3,” she said in response to an email question. “ My understanding is that John Warren is ready to step in should the council decide to appoint him next week. It is up to the council to fill the position or leave it vacant until November 3.

If Warren is appointed mayor, two at-large council seats will be vacant for the November election.