PC recreation

POINT COMFORT – The city is taking steps to improve the parks and recreational facilities for residents.

A Park Board has been created and a survey is currently underway to find out what residents want. The board’s goal is to provide recommendations to the council concerning goals.

The survey can be picked up at and returned to City Hall. There is also a digital version as part of the effort to reach as many residents of the city as possible.

The digital version can be accessed at the following address. Just copy and paste it into your browser. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfA5JtblG4UFezkG7WV85kb5AyYOLf5TDX7fUUjsLodnIXadA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR0EbpZv_ALGeF8EgFoCICJgDtGCaVGfycBGyq4PJIOHkG3gvjAkqpxANgY.

The digital survey can be accessed via the city’s Facebook page as well.

The survey asks residents about usage of the fishing pier, playground, park and picnic tables, basketball court and walking trail.

It also asks for reasons why the facilities are not being used.

A survey question also asks what kinds of programs would interest the household such as youth sports, adult sports, family activities, social activities such as a dance, theatre or music, lifetime sports such as golf, tennis, biking and outdoor recreation such as rock climbing or rafting.

Also on the survey is a list of facilities or improvements and residents are asked to pick the five of the most interest to them. Some of the items include splash pad, dog park, rock climbing wall, putt putt golf, skate park, outside theater Frisbee golf, paved walking or biking trails and a fitness center.

The survey also wants to find how facilities can be made more enjoyable for residents and how the survey participant would like to receive information.

The park board met recently with residents to discuss what is important to them at the Brush Community Center.

The pool was the main topic of interest, especially how to save it.