Seadrift Mayor Elmer DeForest announced Saturday, July 4, that he issued a Mayoral Emergency Order due to the potential of COVID-19 exposure in City Hall, Water Works, and Solid Waste.

Deforest stated in the order that there was a “potential” triple exposure of COVID-19 to City Hall staff, Water Works, and Solid Waste employees during the week of June 29 to July 2.

DeForest issued guidelines for Seadrift City Hall, Water Works, and Solid Waste in the emergency order.

“City Hall shall be closed to access by the general public, except by confirmed and approved appointments with building official, police or mayor, and only with their approval,” DeForest stated.

DeForest added those heading for their appointments “shall have face masks or cloth face coverings as well as all the individuals in the meetings.”

DeForest stated there will one staff person present (if available) each day at city hall during normal hours to receive “phone calls and to process payments either by phone or payments placed in the dropbox outside city hall.”

“If a shortage of staff occurs,” DeForest stated, “City hall will close on those days that no one is available and phones will go unanswered.”

City hall will be closed all day on Wednesday DeForest stated, “so as to schedule available staff.”

As for guidelines for Water Works and Solid Waste, DeForest stated employees of both departments will remain separate from each other, “as much as possible, except as needed to accomplish needed tasks.”

DeForest said, “when Water Works and Solid Waste employees work within the six feet of distancing of anyone, masks or cloths face coverings shall be worn.”

DeForest talked about what happens if the workers have to interact with the public.

“If Water Works and Solid Waste employees need to interact with the public, masks or cloth face coverings shall be worn, within speaking distance, even if over six feet,” DeForest stated. “And remind the other individual that a mask or cloth face covering is required by the governor’s executive order when interacting, even if outdoors.”

DeForest stated that work vehicle cabs will be sanitized by the operator at the end of each day, and that includes other work equipment as well.

“The public works director, or his substitute, on any given day, will determine when work, closer than social distancing requirements, is required and take the appropriate actions,” DeForest stated.

With this announcement by the mayor, DeForest also announced that the Tuesday, July 7 meeting was canceled and will be either be rescheduled next week or the following week.