The COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues here in Calhoun County but supplies disappear almost as soon as they are received.

Erin Clevenger, chief nursing officer for Memorial Medical Center, said they have moved into Phase 1B, which allows for the vaccine to be given to people 65 and old and those with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

“It’s stressful because everyone is looking for the vaccine. I’m getting hundreds of phone calls a day,” she said, noting the calls are coming from across the state.

Residents can call MMC to be put on a waiting list for the vaccine that meets the Phase1B criteria. There are 1,000 names on the list as of Wednesday.

“A lot of these people are just calling on their on, it’s kind of sad that it’s not been announced publically,” she said.

The vaccine numbers are announced on Monday and it usually comes in on Tuesday

Currently, Clevenger is seeking clarification on what they can do with any extra vaccine, if there is any, such as helping out another county.

Local doctors and nurses were vaccinated just before Christmas. Clevenger said none of them had become sick but had reported “pain at the injection site, which was expected, and a third reported feeling achy, having chills and feverish the following day. But the symptoms subsided after twelve hours.”

Around the city, H-E-B and Walgreens are receiving the vaccine. Both are following the guidelines for inoculation.

H-E-B Manager Mario Chavana encourages residents to go to the H-E-B website, to make an appointment to get the vaccination, when more becomes available, or to find out more information about the company’s rollout.

“We are out, of course, but it will be available as soon as it is made available to us,” said Chavana. He noted that H-E-B is following the guidelines set out by the government and following the phases as they open up.

CVS Pharmacy does not have the COVID-19 vaccine and Walmart did not wish to respond.

Meanwhile, clinics were not included in the Phase 1 rollout of the vaccine that included hospitals and chain pharmacies, according to Jennifer O’Riley, practice manager for Port Lavaca Clinic Associates. Although they don’t have the vaccine as yet, they do have a waiting list that will be gone through first when the clinic is okayed to receive the vaccine.

“I’ve been talking to state officials all week and was told on Monday that not all hospitals in the state have received the vaccine when I asked about it,” said O’Riley.

Still not all the health care professionals at the clinic have received the vaccine.

“DeTar has been very generous and offered to vaccinate our workers so we had a few go to Victoria and some have gotten it at H-E-B,” she said. “I know the roll out is not an easy job but I just wish that health care workers had been vaccinated. Teachers should be up there, too. They can’t avoid exposure and their job is important, too.”