It has been a long time coming, but 5D Steakhouse in Port O’Connor is ready to open its doors to Calhoun County.

Nearly two years ago, 5D owner Brianne Dlugosch, of Yorktown, had a plan to open in the summer of 2019, but due to some setbacks, then throw in COVID-19, and the date continued to get pushed back.

“It has been a rough road, to say the least. COVID played a huge factor. It really slowed down construction to different variables,” Dlugosch said. “We are finally getting out of that.”

5D Steakhouse is set to open Nov. 14 of this year, and although it is in what is called an offseason in Port O’Connor, Dlugosch said she and her team have put together plans to attract people to come to check out the only steakhouse in the county.

“We have a lot of plans and exciting things that we are going to be doing during the winter months to entice people to come into town and check us out,” Dlugosch said.

Dlugosch could not describe in words the feeling of being able to announce the long-anticipated opening of 5D Steakhouse.

“It is an overwhelming feeling, and words cannot explain our excitement. It has been a two-year road to get here,” she said.

The Port O’Connor location is one of three 5D locations, with the other two being in Victoria and Yorktown. Dlugosch said the Port O’Connor steakhouse boasts a coastal feel and one that is unique from the others.

“We have a lot of unique things that will be available. It is going to stand out from the other 5-D locations. It will not look anything like them in terms of the atmosphere. The menu, drink menu will stay the same, but the building is so different and unique,” she said.

In addition to the coastal atmosphere, 5D will also boast a family-oriented environment. There will be an outside pavilion that will host entertainment, but there will also be a commercial playground on the property.

“My whole goal behind that, is that I am a mother, and I want the moms and dads to be able to enjoy live music outside, while their children play on the playground,” Dlugosch said. “It is going to be family-friendly, and we want to create that atmosphere.”