Jecker Floor & Glass

From left, Alison Jecker Robinson, Stacey Jecker, Ruby Fekete and Steve Fekete in front of Jecker Floor & Glass. The Fekete’s bought Jecker Floor & Glass, and renamed it Grace Flooring and Glass. (Contributed photo)

Grace Flooring and Glass purchases Jecker Floor & Glass

In an ever-changing small town, local businesses are few and far between, but one staple has been around since 1952, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Jecker Blind Shop opened in 1952 in Port Lavaca at its current and original location at 1809 West Main Street.

The late Brownson Gordon Jecker, more commonly known as “Duby”, opened the blind shop where he made Phoenician blinds and did several other things.

Duby’s son, Brownson Jr., said his father figured he couldn’t make it by just selling and installing blinds, so he opened Jecker Floor in 1955.

Duby did not stop his business endeavors at just a floor shop.

In 1960, Duby bought Port Lavaca Glass, located on Main Street, at the current location of Coastal Tool & Nail.

Brownson Jr. said after Hurricane Carla hit, the glass shop building collapsed, so his father moved the shop to the floor and blind shop.

Duby merged the two businesses in 1962 into what it is today, Jecker Floor & Glass.

In 1987, Brownson Jr. took over the business and incorporated it.

To do anything for 70 years is an accomplishment, but to own a business for that long is uncommon.

Jecker Floor & Glass attributes its sustained success to its versatility in various crafts. Anything from laying down carpet and tile to installing shower doors, the business does it all.

After growing up in the “shop”, Brownson Jr. chuckled a bit when asked why he is retiring and selling the business.

“My age, health, and I’m just getting tired. I’m 68. I have been working here full time since 1975,” Brownson Jr. said.

After living and breathing Jecker Floor & Glass, Brownson Jr. said letting go of the shop has been tough.

“Everything we have ever known all my life is the shop. You walk around every day, seeing everything from family, friends, and employees,” Brownson Jr. said.

Ruby Fekete said they aren’t letting Brownson Jr. go too far.

Ruby and her husband Steve own Grace Plumbing, which is a successful business in Calhoun County. The couple is purchasing Jecker Floor & Glass.

Brownson Jr. has known Fekete nearly all her life, and he said that it is more relief than anyone could ever anticipate knowing it is going to someone he knows.

“I have seen businesses sell, get different owners, and everything is completely different with that business,” Brownson Jr. said. “I have known Ruby since she was a baby. She has worked hard her whole life and made her own way.”

Fekete explained how a plumbing and flooring business parallel one another, which is why she and Steve had an interest in buying Jecker Floor & Glass.

“So many times, we go in to turn a bathtub into a shower, and Jecker would do the flooring,” Fekete said. “It just goes together so well.”

Brownson Jr. and Fekete’s relationship will help the transition for both parties.

“He has so much knowledge. I have been here for the last month, trying to absorb everything I can. There are some things that we will run into that we will say this is a Brownson question,” Fekete said.

“That working relationship will still be there. I am not interested in taking it and turning it into something completely new,” she added.

Fekete said all 10 employees are staying, and Brownson added that that was one of the best things to him.

Fekete was adamant about Jecker Floor & Glass staying the same in the sense of the way things are done. She said the only things that are changing are the name and ownership.

“If it is not broken, do not try to fix it,” she said.

Feb. 1, the sale will be final, and Jecker Floor & Glass will become Grace Flooring and Glass.

The Fekete’s took the name of their plumbing business and married it to Jecker Floor & Glass.

Grace Flooring and Glass will provide all the services Jecker did.

“For the take-off, we just want to keep it running the way it is,” Fekete said.

She noted that, in the future, they could incorporate some of the plumbing business as well.

“The sky is the limit with this business,” Fekete said. With our plumbing business, Steve and I have always put the customer first and really support this community. That is the same mindset with this business too.”