May was a much better month for Memorial Medical Center, Calhoun County commissioners were informed during their Wednesday, May 24, meeting.

MMC CEO/CFO Jason Anglin told the court that volumes were up in May, increasing revenue 20 percent with a net gain of $428,000. This gives the hospital a positive $126,000 for the year.

In addition to the stimulus funds, the hospital also received $39,000 for the rural health clinic stimulus package, about $6,000 from the Texas Hospital Foundation, and a $6,500 individual donation for the purchase of PPE as well as $150,000 for beds and respiratory equipment.

Anglin said the hospital received coronavirus stimulus funds for rural hospitals in the amount of $3,663,000 to be used for lost revenue or COVID-19-related expenses. So far, Anglin said they had recovered $389,000.

Anglin told the court they are still hoping that Congress will forgive repayment of Medicare Advance payments. MMC received $3.76 million in Medicare advance payments, which it will have to start repaying in August unless Congress acts.

Anglin said the hospital still has $3,338,000 of the stimulus that can be used for revenue recovery.

In addition, Anglin said they had relaxed the policy at the hospital to allow one visitor per day with patients.

“But with COVID exploding, we may have to revisit that,” he said.

Anglin also reported that the 2019 hospital audit was positive.