Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut on Highway 35 was demolished on Sept. 17, and a new building is being constructed. (Jared Van Epps)

After 40-plus years the Pizza Hut at 425 N 35 Highway Bypass was torn down Tuesday, September 17, and will be replaced with a new building.

According to Pizza hut Shift Manager Brady Winefeldt, the building has been up since the 70s, and there have been problems with it. She added that it was decided to tear it down and rebuild it from the ground up.

Winefeldt said it was sad to see the building go, but she added it needed to happen.

“I’ve been here for eight years, so there are a lot of memories,” Winefeldt said.

Winefeldt added that one of the memories of working in the old build is meeting her husband.

Many people from Port Lavaca express their feelings on social media about the building being torn down.

Terry Minter, of Houston and a former resident of Port Lavaca, spoke to the Wave via messenger talking about the summer of 1972, the year the Pizza Hut Location opened in the area.

Minter said the Pizza Hut in Port Lavaca was “the place to be” and added it was “epic” working there.

“We worked our butts off, and the place was always packed on Friday and Saturday nights,” Minter said.

Minter added after the store closed there were after-hour parties with staff and friends, and some ended at twilight.

At the time, according to Minter, Pizza Hut in Port Lavaca was the most profitable one in South Texas.

“The manager would give us a bonus when the store did well, and we got lots of bonuses,” Minter said.

When Minter saw the news of the old Pizza Hut building being torn down, he said it was a sad day but added, “things change, hopefully for the better.”

Currently, there is no official timeline for construction to begin on the new Pizza Hut. In the meantime, Winefeldt said, carry-outs and deliveries will be made from the Pizza Hut trailer, located in the parking lot.