Shellfish Sports Bar and Grill

Shellfish Sports Bar and Grill closed down, as of November 26. According the Russell Cain, local real estate agent, the building is up for sale. Sundae Drive Café will be under new ownership, according to David Krupin, owner of Shellfish and Sundae Drive. (Jared Van Epps/Wave Photo)

Shellfish Sports Bar and Grill and Sundae Drive Café both closed unexpectedly in November.

Shellfish closed its doors Tuesday, November 26, with signs posted on both entrances reading closed for business as of the 11/26/19.

David Krupin operated both Shellfish and Sundae Drive but declined to give any details to the Wave on why Shellfish closed down.

Krupin told the Wave that new owners will take over Sundae Drive Café, and the establishment will be renamed Linneville: Grind and Churn.

Currently, there is no official date of when the café will be rebranded and opened, according to Krupin. He added he hopes it will be open soon.

The Shellfish building is now for sale, and Krupin didn’t mention what future of the building will be.