Calhoun Football

The Calhoun Sandcrabs football season will start on time.

The UIL announced its plans for the 2020 football season last Tuesday with 1A to 4A set to start on time in August, and the 5A and 6A Schools pushed back to September.

Calhoun Sandcrabs Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Richard Whitaker talked about the UIL’s plans to start the season, and he was glad that they put forth a plan.

“I was excited that we actually now know what a starting time is,” Whitaker said, “and we have a plan in front of us.”

It was frustrating for several weeks, not knowing what the UIL was planning for the football season, Whitaker said.

“I think now with our kids, we’re excited to finally hear that there is a plan and a start time,” Whitaker said. “And so there’s a lot a work to be done and a lot of things to prepare now.”

Whitaker talked about how glad that the UIL finally put out its plans football and sports in general.

“These last few weeks have been terrible, just sitting around and waiting and not knowing,” Whitaker said. “They [the UIL] have been under a lot of pressure to come up with a plan and everything.”

As of now, the first three games against Navarro, Stafford, and El Campo are ready to be played as scheduled, but the Bryan Rudder game is a no-go, and the Houston Second Baptist game is up in the air.

Whitaker said Bryan Rudder was a 5A school, and they lost that game, and Second Baptist “is up the in the air.”

Houston Second Baptist is part of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), and this month they moved its start date to September 28, but that could change.

Whitaker said TAPPS is meeting this week and “may actually change back” its start date.

Right now, Whitaker is looking for a replacement opponent for the Rudder game, and he said it is tough.

“Right now, we’re trying to get someone to play us, and we’re working on that as we speak,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker said the first three games are solid, and he is working on weeks four and five right now.

Tuesday’s announcement from UIL addressed high school sports, and Whitaker hasn’t heard anything middle school regarding football.

Whitaker said they are taking it one step at a time since they got the news on high school first.

“Our middle schools can’t start actually when school starts anyway,” Whitaker said. “So, we have a little time to get those prepared and ready to go.”

Whitaker talked about the district games and the situation with Alice moving its face-to-face instruction to October 9.

Whitaker said all the coaches in the district have each other’s numbers and staying in touch with each other is never a problem.

“We’ve been talking, as a matter of fact. Alice is district chair, and so at some point, we’re probably gonna have a Zoom meeting,” Whitaker said. “And talk about if there’s anything we want special inside district to help each other out with all this.”

Calhoun has three opponents from Nueces County (Calallen, Tuloso-Midway, and Corpus Christ Miller), and the county has seen in spike in COVID-19. Whitaker talked about staying in contact with coaches on the district and staying informed on what is going on.

“We just know we need to come together and make sure we stay in touch with each other on what is going right now [with COVID],” Whitaker said.

Whitaker said right now all three of the Nueces County schools are moving forward just like Calhoun. He added, hopefully, by the time they get to those playing dates, “this will be a better situation and everything for everybody.”

Calhoun will begin its first football practice Monday, August 3, and Whitaker said he and his staff are working on setting times for practices.

Whitaker talked about the prepping for the 2020 season, and he said his team has been in “summer offseason” and had to shut down workouts.

“When I announced yesterday to the kids that we actually had a starting date and everything is moving forward, they were excited and, hopefully, we’ll get ready to go,” Whitaker said.

Even though Calhoun had a decent summer, Whitaker said, they still hadn’t had a football time.

“We have a long way to go to get there,” Whitaker said, “but, hopefully, everybody else is in the same boat as us, and we’ll be on equal grounds.”