Cajun Industries donation

Mayor Jack Whitlow received a check from Cajun Industries following the Port Lavaca Rotary meeting on Thursday. (Contributed photo)

The city of Port Lavaca received a large donation from Cajun Industries Thursday, August 1.

Cajun donated $7,500 to the city for the repairs to the fishing pier at Lighthouse beach damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

In a letter written by Site Manager Rico Landry, Cajun wanted to recognize the “community’s goodwill” by donating the money to help repair the pier.

“Our employees have been welcomed with utmost hospitality by the community of Calhoun County’s local businesses and residents,” Landry said in his letter. “We are certain this effort will bring much enjoyment to the local community as well as future tourists.”

Jack Whitlow, the mayor of Port Lavaca, was at the Lighthouse to receive the check from Landry and his project manager, Nathan Munoz.

Whitlow said this was a big help from Cajun Industries, and he added that it’s good for the contractors to assist the city.

The cost to repair the pier is $3 million, according to Whitlow, and he added the city is working the with the state with “pre-funded money” and waiting for FEMA to reimburse the city.

“We’ll have to come up with the rest from any kind of services or donations like this,” Whitlow said.

Whitlow added, “this is a great start,” and he hopes the donation supplies some incentives to other businesses that are doing well in the community to help with the pier.

“This pier is missed by a lot of our citizens…it is a priority, and we’re trying to get funding and get it started.” Whitlow said.