Junior Linebacker Kirk Stringham, Senior Defensive Back Colin Carabajal, and Junior Defensive Tackle Xavier Smith tackle one of the Episcopal Bellaire Knight’s players two weeks ago. (Photo by Kellie Whitaker)

The Calhoun Sandcrabs got their fourth win in a 63-30 victory over the Houston Second Baptist Eagles.

The first four series was track meet between the two teams, with Second Baptist taking an 18-14 lead after the first quarter.

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker praised the Second Baptist Football program and its quarterback.

“Second Baptist is a very good program. This was their first ball game,” Whitaker said, “and I thought their quarterback was outstanding. I mean, that guy was throwing bullets out there tonight.”

Whitaker added his defense had some great plays at times, and Second Baptist Quarterback was putting the ball in there.

“Again, this was a good football team, and we’re going to play some good teams,” Whitaker said, “and we just got to step up to the challenge and get the job done at the end.”

The Sandcrabs scored 21 unanswered points to close out the second half and held on to the lead to the end of the game.

On three of the Sandcrabs seven final drives, Calhoun scored from 30 yards out or more, one of them being an 84-yard score in the third quarter by Junior Running Back Adrian Chambers.

Chambers talked about the play made in the final minute in the third.

“It was a 57 counter, and one of my guards pulled, and he set the hole free,” Chambers said, “and I just went straight ahead. And I knew I was scoring when I hit the 50, and I just took off.”

Chambers caught a passing touchdown early in the second quarter from Senior Quarterback Jarius Stewart, and he said when the ball was in the air, his heart dropped, and he knew he had to catch that ball.

Chambers, Stewart, and Fullback Steve Johnson each rushed for over 100 yards, and the offense totaled 615 yards on 50 carries.

The Sandcrabs have an open date this Friday, and the real challenge begins for them when they open their district schedule against the Beeville Trojans.

Whitaker talked about prepping for district play for the next two weeks.

“District is what it is all about. Losses don’t get you anywhere. You have to win to get where you want to get to,” Whitaker said, “and everything we’ve talked about thus far was preparing ourselves for that game [against Beeville].”

Johnson talked about the importance of playing these tough opponents before district play.

“If we come out here and play teams that sometimes don’t give you the challenge you need, you never reach your full ability,” Johnson said, “and playing teams like this are achievements that you didn’t know you can reach. So coming out here for Coach Whitaker to play games like this really helped us become more than football players and become men.”

Stewart, Johnson, and the Sandcrabs will mentally prepare for district play in two weeks.

Stewart said the open date helps the players recovers and get their bodies right. He added they have to continue “to focus and work hard” because district play is where it all starts.

The Calhoun Sandcrabs kick off district play on the road against Beeville Friday, October 9.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m.



RUSHING: Stewart 11-164, 4TD; Steve Johnson 21-184, 2TD; Chambers 5-124, 2TD

PASSING: Stewart 1-1, 39, 1TD

RECEIVING: Chambers 1-39, 1TD

Offensive MVPs of the Week: Stewart, Chambers, Junior Lineman Vinson Samudio


TACKLES: DB Jarius Stewart (7); LBs Esteban Cruz, Kirk Stringham, DB Min Htway

TFL: Cruz, Stringham, Htway (1)

Sacks: Senior OLB Radley Williams

Defensive MVPs of the Week: Stewart


TACKLES: Four Sandcrabs (1)

Extra Points: PK Jose Ledezma (9/9)

PUNT: P Steve Johnson (1) 19 yds

KICKOFF RETURN: Min Htway 25 yds; Johnson, Chambers 13 yds

EXTRA POINT BLOCK: DB Jarius Stewart (1), LB Esteban Cruz (1)

Special Teams Player of the Week: Cruz