Calhoun County Independent School District received their district score from the Texas Education Agency.

The district received an 87 out of 100, a B, for its overall performance in the state by the TEA.

Last year the district was not ranked for the 2017-18 school year due to Hurricane Harvey, according to CCISD Superintendent Larry Nichols, but he added that the TEA gave CCISD a score of 77 out of 100, even though it didn’t count.

This year the district improved from C-rated to B-rated as a result of the 10-point increase in the TEA score.

Nichols said this year’s score is a significant improvement from last year.

According to Nichols, TEA ranks districts in the categories of Student Achievement, School Progress, and Closing the Gaps and added that CCISD received a B in all areas.

The district was awarded 17 distinction designations for four of its campuses, with HJM Elementary School receiving the maximum of six.

Nichols added that Calhoun High School received four, JR Elementary received five, and Port O’Connor Elementary received two.

“Basically it is a health report…and we want to do well on these tests. We’ve been on the top ranking in the past, and we want to get there again.” Nichols said.

Only two schools received a C grade; Travis Middle School and Seadrift School, but that is due to a new principal in place at Seadrift and construction of a new building at Travis, Nichols said.

“We want those scores to improve, and we made some changes to try to make that happen,” Nichols said.

Nichols praised the teachers for getting these high scores for each of the campuses, and he added this achievement happens in the classroom.

“We have some really good teachers in Calhoun that have been doing a really good job with their kids,” Nichols said.

Nichols added the district gave the teachers “more days and the right tools” to meet the new state curriculum requirements.

“We’re pleased [with scores and distinctions], but there is another field up ahead to plow,” Nichols said.

Nichols added that the district is in “striking distance” of getting the top category again, and that is something that CCISD wants to do; “to get where they were before.”

--CCISD TEA Results--

The district received an 87.

Hope High School – High B, not eligible for distinction designations

CHS – B, Four distinctions for Math, Science, Academic Growth, and Closing the Gaps

Travis – C

Seadrift – C

POC – High B, Two distinctions for ELA/Reading and Post-Secondary Readiness

HJM – A, Six distinctions for ELA/Reading, Math, Science, Academic Growth, Closing the Gaps and Post-Secondary Readiness

JR – High B, Five distinctions for Math, Science, Academic Growth, Closing the Gaps and Post-Secondary Readiness

Total CCISD distinctions: 17