Ricardo Cordero, Jaime Rios, and Cedric Herrera have had a dream since they took up skateboarding in middle school – a skate park where they could practice, skate without bothering other people and hone their skills.

“We’ve been dreaming about it for a long time,” said Rios.

Those dreams will come true this year as the city of Port Lavaca begins the process of constructing a skatepark.

“We can skate every day,” said Cordero.

The trio was skating at Fay Bauer Sterling Park, using a rail they brought to practice their tricks.

In December, the Port Lavaca City Council concluded the years-long goal of building a skatepark when it hired Newline Skateparks of Edgewater, Fla., to design the park.

“The company will hold a couple of meetings with the community and skaters – anybody who wants to attend – to get input on the design,” said City Engineer Jody Weaver. “The goal is to have a park designed specifically for our community.”

The park will be built in Wilson Park, on Seadrift Street near Jackson-Roosevelt Elementary School. “There is a large concession there as well as the soccer field,” she said.

The city awarded two contracts totaling $300,000 during its Dec. 14, 2020, meeting - $30,000 for design and engineering to Newline Skateparks and $270,000 to SPA Skateparks of Austin, which will utilize the Interlocal Purchasing System for materials. The target date for completion is August. “The city has been looking at a skatepark for a number of years. It was budgeted in capital improvements a few years ago, but when we were researching options for a skatepark and in talking with other professionals who do this, that not enough money was budgeted,” said Weaver. “So we waited for this fiscal year to budget more money.”

Taking the time to do a quality park was another reason it took some time aside from the monetary issues.

“We want to do it right,” said Weaver. “Get community input so that they will take ownership and keep it well maintained.”

Skateboarding is more than just jumping on a set of wheels for the three Calhoun High School graduates.

“It’s an outlet for creativity,” said Rios.

“It’s more than a hobby. It’s part of the heart,” said Herrera.

“It’s life,” echoed Rios.

“We’re best friends,” said Cordero, adding that having the park is going to be great for the next generation of skaters.