70th class reunion

The class of 1949 celebrated their 70th high school reunion at Trinity Shores Senior Living Saturday. (Contributed photo)

Trinity Shores Senior Living hosted a special gathering Saturday, June 29, for a group of Calhoun High School Alumni.

The CHS class of 1949 celebrated its 70th-year high school reunion with the help of current Sandcrabs and the staff of Trinity Shores.

Members of the class of ‘49 had the chance to reunite with fellow classmates from long ago and socialize with current CHS students.

“It is wonderful because I’m seeing some people that I have not seen,” Charlotte Manuel, 86, member of the class of ’49, said.

Manuel said it was really nice for Trinity Shores to help in the celebration of her class reunion.

A handful of CHS students volunteered at Trinity Shores to help celebrate the special occasion.

One of the students, 17-year-old Azariah Lara, part of the class of 2020, said it was fun to help celebrate with the class of 1949.

“These people went to school before us, and it just feels good to help out a lot,” Lara said.

Lara said interacting with the class of 1949 was heartwarming and she added that these are people who don’t socialize with other people.

Lara got a chance to look and see how the school was different back then.

“When I was looking through the old little books they had and especially seeing the way the old high school looked,” Lara said.

“It looks so much different now.”

Lara hopes in her 70th reunion she’ll have a party just like the class of 1949.

Terisha Harrington, the sales director for Trinity Shores, was thrilled that the past and present Sandcrabs interacted with each other.

“I think for the younger generation it’s so important that they can help out the older generation and really get that appreciation,” Harrington said.

Harrington added the way the current CHS students interacted with the class of 1949 was really inspiring.

Even though this was the last reunion for the class of 1949, Harrington said it was an honor for Trinity Shores to celebrate their 70th reunion.

Despite not graduating with the class of 1949, 89-year-old Eddie Baker said he made sure he stayed in contact with every member of that class.

“I enjoy seeing them all, and 90% I don’t recognize, but after talking to them I know who they are,” Baker said.