Humane Society donation

Carrie Rouse, of Port O’Connor, and members of the Calhoun County Humane Society helped unload pet food from Rouse’s Truck. (Jared Van Epps/Wave photo)

The Calhoun County Humane Society received a large donation from the community of Port O’Connor Thursday afternoon.

The Humane Society received a truckload of pet food donated by the community, including dog food, cat food, treats and puppy pads, etc.

Carrie Rouse, of Port O’Connor, got the idea after helping her granddaughter run a lemonade/popcorn stand. It gave her the idea of holding a fundraiser to drop off dog and cat food at her house.

With the help from the Port O’Connor Dollar General, the people of POCO came and purchased pet food to be donated to the humane society.

According to Stacy Brobston, the store manager of the POCO Dollar General, Rouse approached asking if the store was stocked up with pet food for the weekend of June 15.

Brobston said Rouse told her what she was doing with the pet food, and added she ordered extra that was sold up front for customers that wanted to buy and donate.

“She told me what she was doing, and I said, ‘if you are going to do that, I’ll just order extra, and we’ll sell pet food at the front to the customers for donations,” Brobston said.

When all donations were completed, a truckload of pet food was collected and delivered Tuesday morning to the humane society.

Brobston said she didn’t keep track how much food was collected, but she added it was a truckload and an additional load almost fit in the back of Rouse’s SUV.

“If it wasn’t for the Dollar General I would not have one-tenth of this dog food,” Rouse said. “And without the people of Port O’Connor and the people that come in from out of state, we would not have had this amount of donations,” Rouse added.