Calhoun County commissioners heard a report on delinquent tax collections during its Wednesday, Sept. 25, meeting.

Noe Reyes, an attorney with McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen, P.C., Attorneys at Law, the firm managing delinquent collections for the county, reported that total current delinquent taxes plus penalty and interest were $16,332,527. This amount has been collected over several years and does not include discounts.

Commissioner Vern Lyssy questioned the discounts, and Reyes said they were for those who paid all their taxes early.

Reyes noted that the county is doing well in delinquent tax collection.

In 2017, $376,937 went delinquent and “that has almost entirely been collected. We started collecting that July 1, 2018, and in the first 12 months of collection, we collected $237,676 with $138721 outstanding,” he said.

“The county has collected 99.4 percent since the bills came due. The longer the collection, the more you collect. There is some from 2014 that was basically collected today,” said Reyes. He noted that even with the deferrals and payments plans the county is at 98 percent collection and “that’s doing really good.”

When asked about the deferrals, Reyes explained that those apply only to homesteads. Someone 65 years or older or with a qualified disability could receive a deferral from the Calhoun County Tax Appraiser, and that would defer tax payments usually until the individual passes away or sells the homestead.

“Then the taxes that were in deferral could be collected,” he said.

Following the presentation, the commissioners authorized a contract with MVBA to collect delinquent court fines and fees assessed by the district, county, and justice courts.

In other business, the court:

-- Authorized a loan for $49,650.67 from the General Fund to the Grants Fund for Rifle Resistant Body Armor

-- Renewed the 2020 United Healthcare Medicare Supplement/Silver Choice Plan

-- Accepted the project completion report for the Bill Sander Park Road FEMA project

-- Accepted the project completion report for the Haterius Park Road FEMA project

-- Approved a final plat of Cowboy Retreat Subdivision in Port O’Connor

-- Approved a preliminary plat and drainage plan for Phase 2 of the Sanctuary Subdivision

-- Approved the preliminary plat and drainage plan for REB TEX Coastal Properties, LLC

-- Declared the Conex owned by the 4-H at the Fairground Pavilion as waste and authorized disposal

-- Accepted the report from the Calhoun County Clerk’s Office

-- Approved budget adjustments

-- Approved paying county and Memorial Medical Center bills and payroll