The saga at Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery continues

As the ongoing conflict at Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery continues to worsen, members of the community have taken on the responsibility of maintaining the grounds.

Things progressed from bad to worse when Patrick and Patricia Kalisek arrived at the cemetery to place flowers out for Patricia’s father for Father’s Day.

Upon their arrival, they noticed small United States flags torn to shreds and scattered over the grounds. Patrick took it upon himself to pick up every remnant of the flags.

“We were in total shock. It broke my heart to look at him walking the whole grounds, trying to pick up every piece of the flags,” Patricia said.

Patrick, an Army veteran, collected the flags in a box and delivered them to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post for proper disposal.

Patricia has accepted the challenge of gathering members of the community, the local chapter of the National FFA Organization and 4-H groups to unite and take control of maintenance at the cemetery.

Over 20 volunteers arrived for the first cleanup. The group mowed the grounds, trimmed around headstones and other areas, cleaned some curbing and leveled headstones.

“It was amazing to witness families coming together for their loved ones’ resting place,” Patricia said.

In March, the Wave reported the concerns people had concerning maintenance of the cemetery.

Miles Parker took over Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery in 2013 and is the owner and president of the cemetery. In March, he said the two biggest factors for the lack of upkeep are money and weather. In the March article, Parker insisted that people call him instead of going to social media and the newspaper. The Wave reached out to Parker several times by phone for an update, but the number he used at the time is no longer in service.

Patricia said that concerned loved ones are running into the same problem of Parker being unresponsive.

There is no scheduled cleanup, and for more information, visit the Friends And Families Of Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery page on Facebook, which a concerned member of the community created.