McKamey family

From left, fourth generation of the McKamey family, Jeffery McKamey and Kevin McKamey, in front of their family’s store in the Kamey Community. The store will host a historical marker ceremony to honor the history of the Kamey Community, Saturday, October 12. (Contributed Photo)

The McKamey Brothers Store will receive a historical marker dedicated to the history of the Kamey Community this Saturday, October 12.

Kevin McKamey, of Kamey, authored the words on the marker to honor the community that his great-grandfather, John William McKamey, started.

“It feels great that Kamey is getting recognized for future generations no matter what happens,” McKamey said. “Here on the farm, our legacy will continue indefinitely now.”

McKamey said that anyone who stops by the store and looks at the marker can see what used to be here and that a lot of cities and towns started like Kamey.

“Port Lavaca and the surrounding area all started small, and a lot of the younger generations forget where all this came from,” McKamey said.

“They all think it all just appeared and has always been here, and it hasn’t. It has been fought for, and a lot of hard work went into building these communities.”

The writing for the marker, McKamey said, was a journey in itself, and he received help from his former kindergarten teacher, Mary Belle Meitzen. She helped make the marker come to fruition.

“She stayed on me, and we went to the courthouse, we went and researched,” McKamey said. “And I had some documents that I had gotten through the years from the old family house and the old buildings that used to be out here.”

McKamey’s family has lived where the Kamey Community used to be for five generations, and McKamey said he enjoys the history of his family.

McKamey remembers going through the old buildings where his great-grandfather and many others “walked through” all those years ago, and he added it was “great to be alive” to see it before the highway came in.

“To be able to be part of that history, and to have it etched into my brain, you know, the little glimpse of what it [Kamey] use to be,” McKamey said.

McKamey talked about how his great-grandfather and his great-grandfather’s dad, John Samuel Monroe, started the farming practices that are still utilized in the farming communities in Calhoun County.

“It gives me a lot of joy and a lot of pride to know I am a part of something that started from the bottom up,” McKamey said.

Despite no longer farming, McKamey said his family is still part of the agricultural community. He added farming is something that has been running in his and his family’s blood for years, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Education and religion worked “hand-in-hand” in his family, McKamey said. He added they believed in higher education, and they “believed in the church and God.”

McKamey said religion not only “played a part” in the Kamey Community but the United States as well.

“It still rings true today, the values, the lessons you learn from the Bible, and how it was put into practice so many years ago, it’s timeless, and it never ends,” McKamey said.

The marker ceremony will be held at McKamey Bros. Store located at 207 Kamey Rd, on Highway 87.

The ceremony starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday.