Lane Road in Calhoun County will receive some much-needed drainage relief soon due to recent grant approval.

Located off of State Highway 185, Lane Road is nearly at the midpoint between Seadrift and Port O’Connor. It runs from SH 185 to Charlie’s Bait Camp.

Following Hurricane Harvey, the road flooded due to the lack of drainage along the way. The grant was made available to Calhoun County after Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding.

Calhoun County applied for the grant and received word that it was awarded the grant on December 3, 2019.

“Due to the stringent guidelines and regulations of the grant, Judge Meyer along with Commissioners Court, our County Emergency Management Coordinator, our County Auditor, our engineering firm, and the grant writers were able to identify the Lane Road Drainage Project in Precinct 4 and three projects in Precinct 1,” Calhoun County Precinct 4 Commissioner Gary Reese said.

The Lane Road Drainage Project is part of a $5,936,5488 00 CDBG-DR (Community Development Block Grant –Disaster Relief) Grant from HUD and administered through the Texas General Land Office.

The project will use $707,550 of the grant funds. Once completed, the project will serve approximately 80-100 residents in an area bound by SH 185 to the north, Lane Road to the east, Welder Ranch to the west, and the Intercoastal Waterway to the south.

“This area experienced severe flooding during and after the hurricane. The drainage project runs through the heart of this area and is the only drainage channel for this area,” Reese said.

The project will include clearing, widening, and deepening of the existing drainage channel where necessary, along with the installation of new culverts designed to the specifications of the new channel.

Calhoun County is awaiting contracting from the General Land Office to be finalized and an executed contract by the middle of January 2020. Following Environmental clearance and the engineering phase, the project should be ready for bid by the 3rd quarter of 2020, according to Reese.