Krenek's take over Farmers Insurance

Gary Krenek and his wife Clarisa took over the Farmers Insurance office in Port Lavaca. Krenek is excited to bring current and future clients professionalism and top notch customer service. (Ross Stapp/Wave photo)

Krenek’s take over Farmers Insurance in Port Lavaca

As circumstances for policyholders with Farmers Insurance in Port Lavaca quickly spun out of control, a new calmness has set in.

Farmers Insurance customers can rest assured the new owners, Gary and Clarisa Krenek, can take care of their needs. They will serve their customers’ needs with a level of professionalism not seen before.

Former owners Paul and Marisa Orta were arrested on July 17 on warrants of forgery of a financial instrument and misapplication of fiduciary property of financial funds between $2,500 and $30,000 and on Aug. 5 for theft from a person enhanced.

Gary Krenek is not looking at the past, but the current and future situations. His focus is on taking care of customers.

Krenek has been with Farmers Insurance for 40 years, and it all started from his father being with Farmers for 47 years.

“I was probably born with a Farmers logo on my birth certificate. I have known Farmers my whole life,” Krenek said.

His journey in the insurance business began in Bay City, where he still has several offices. He has served as a corporate district manager for 15 years and has been on the agency side of things since 2013.

Krenek explained the several types of insurance Farmers Insurance provides to its customers.

“We are a personalized and commercial carrier. We write home, auto, commercial, life, umbrella, and windstorm through Texas Windstorm. For the most part, we will handle any personalized risk,” Krenek said.

After the recent debacle, Krenek’s main concern is whether customers have windstorm coverage.

“Our main concern is probably windstorm coverage that is or is not still in force. Their home and auto throughout this transition, if they are on automatic pay, none of that has changed,” Krenek stated.

Hurricane season is at its peak point, and Krenek is working to make sure customers are covered.

“The main thing that makes us stay up at night is it being hurricane season, so we are going back and contacting clients in our database to make sure they do have windstorm coverage,” Krenek said. Krenek can have a client covered within 24 hours. “There is no storm in the Gulf right now, which gives us a breath of fresh air,” he added.

Krenek and his wife have been busy sending out emails and making phone calls. He explained that communication is vital in the insurance business.

“That is exactly what we have been doing for the last week or so that we have been here. It is just constant communication until we feel like we have turned over the last stone,” Krenek said.

Krenek said current and potential customers can expect the Farmers Insurance office in Port Lavaca to operate with professionalism that has 40 years attached to it and provide extraordinary customer service.

“We are trying to save the emblem and do a good job with it,” Krenek stated.

The new office is located at 131A N. Virginia Street, Suite A, in Port Lavaca. Krenek said the best way to see if a customer is covered is to call the office at 361-333-8488. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.