POINT COMFORT – The city administrator turned in her notice to accept another position, the mayor announced during the Monday city council meeting.

Ofie Baldera, who had held the position for nearly a year, is leaving to work with her brother.

“He’s been begging and pleading, and we couldn’t chain her to her chair,” said Mayor Leslie Machicek, adding that Baldera would help out during the transition.

The city is accepting applications for the position.

Former Councilwoman Kellie Hynes urged the council to reconsider keeping a city administrator and to take back its responsibilities that had been delegated to the position.

Also, the council approved changes to its code of ordinances to regulate food trucks.

City Attorney Carly Wall explained the changes include the permit requirements, the process for approving or denying a permit, how long it would be in effect as well as other requirements.

“They can’t be on city property without permission,” she said while noting that permission from a landowner, in writing, is required for private property that cannot be in a residential area.

In addition, the council set the permit fee at $250 a year.

The current permit fee for itinerant vendors is $10. Wall told the council they could break out food trucks from the types of sales the permit currently covers, such as door-to-door sales.

“If you drive it up too much they will just move outside the city limits, and we would lose money,” he said.

Councilman Wes McKelvy suggested setting a fee of $20 a month. “I think that’s reasonable, and we can see how it goes and see if it needs to go up next year,” he said.

Also, Councilman Mitch McBride presented a proposal from Inframark on the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater facilities.

“In general, we have a high turnover, and operators are difficult to find,” said McBride.

The company, he said, comes highly recommended and would assist with preventive maintenance, repairs and help operate the system for around $33,000 a month.

“They looked at the plants and made some recommendations. I don’t want us to jump to a sudden decision but a workshop with the council present and sit down with the company. They are the only ones that showed an interest in working with us. There are a lot of different options.”

The workshop was set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 16.

In other business, the council:

-- Took no action after a nearly two-hour executive session.

-- Set a meeting for staff to hear a presentation from National Farm Life on additional insurance.

-- Renewed the lease with Port Store.

-- Announced that tickets for the Point Comfort Volunteer Fire Department Annual Benefit on Sept. 1. Tickets are available at city hall or from any volunteer.

-- Heard department head reports.

-- Approved bills and minutes.