PC hacker

iPhone 11 was among the group of hackers that burst into the Oct. 5 Point Comfort City Council Zoom meeting. The meeting was disrupted with bad singing, cursing, and vile words filling the comment section. (DD Turner/Wave photo)

The Point Comfort City Council meeting was proceeding smoothly.

Bills approved, next month’s meeting set for Nov 9, there were no announcements or presentations by citizens.

Just as the council getting was into the meat of its agenda, a cacophony of sound blared through the speakers.

The city’s Zoom meeting had been hacked. Its comment section was filled with vile words as users with screen names Andrea Castillo Lopez 2007, iPhone 11, Peyton Moore, and others overwhelmed the meeting with bad singing, cursing, and more.

“It was a bombardment,” said city Administrator Robbie Silva, who ended the meeting to deal with the crashers. The meeting later resumed with a couple of the crashers still present but muted, which is when the comment section was filled to the brim with hateful speech.

Silva said the city’s free trial with Webex had ended, and they decided to go with the less expensive Zoom, even though it was more susceptible to hackers.

In other business, the council:

- Approved an order appointing an election judge and alternate election judge for the Nov. 3 municipal election

- Approved a professional agreement with Bureau Veritas for city inspection services

- Adopted a resolution for professional services from the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power

- Renewed its windstorm policy with additional items with Victor Insurance Managers

- Took no action on a quote for catwalk repairs at the wastewater treatment plant

- Took no action on a proposal from TISD for a radio tower lease for installation of an antenna atop the elevated water tower

- Assigned Silva to gather three quotes for the purchase of a maintenance utility truck