The Calhoun Sandcrabs rebounded from the Calallen loss with a 74-0 win over the Zapata Hawks and claimed a Bi-District title last Friday night in Alice.

The Sandcrabs defense recorded three interceptions and a pick-six to cap off the victory over the Hawks.

Sandcrabs Head Coach Richard Whitaker talked about his defense’s performance against Zapata.

“Number 2 was a really good quarterback we needed to get pressure on. I thought we did early and often and kept him on the run there in the first half,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker added this was the first time that the team recorded an interception, and he said getting those turnovers were big in the game.

“Just proud of our kids, glad a lot of young players got to play. It’s good experience for them, and we’re moving to the next round,” Whitaker said.

Senior defensive back Colin Carabajal was one of three Calhoun players to record an interception, and he returned one for a score.

After the game, Carabajal talked about the team’s defensive performance.

“We just came in the game knowing what we had to do stop them and get this win,” Carabajal said. “So, we just came together and did it right.”

The Sandcrabs offense rebounded from their performance against Calallen, putting up 581 yards on offense against Zapata’s defense with nine rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown.

Senior Quarterback Jarius Stewart said they had to focus on a new ball game and forget what happened last week against Calallen, and he added the offense did a “good job” rebounding in the Zapata game.

One of the biggest rebounds from the offense was the Sandcrabs’ offensive line that played a key part in securing the win over the Hawks.

Senior Offensive Lineman Damian Chavez talked about the offensive line making the turnaround from the game against Calallen.

Chavez said the O-Line needed to make up for what happened in the Calallen game.

“Last week was probably one of our worst performances ever in Calhoun history…and we need to bounce back from that and show people that we can play with anybody,” Chavez said.

Senior Fullback Steve Johnson talked about his O-Line’s performance against Zapata.

“It was a big key for the offense. Without the line, you can’t do anything, and I always give them credit for everything they do,” Johnson said. Johnson added the offense started slowly but the O-Line opened the holes for him, Stewart, and the Calhoun running backs.

The Sandcrabs play the Boerne Greyhounds in the Area Playoffs, and Stewart, Johnson, and Chavez talked about preparing for another tough challenge this Friday.

“We’re buying what the coaches are saying. Coaches always put a good game plan up on the board,” Johnson said, “and we just execute to our fullest ability.”

Stewart said they’ll get over this game and concentrate on the upcoming game, and “just focus during practice” and execute their assignments.

“Our goal is to just get better [as an offensive line]. We got to progress as much as we can before our season ends,” Chavez said. “We are hoping to play five more games. That’ll be a full season for us.”

The Sandcrabs will travel to Jourdanton to face the Boerne Greyhounds in Indian Stadium on Friday.

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.



Rushing: Jarius Stewart: 7 carries, 97 yards, 3TD, Steve Johnson: 11/148/1, Min Htway: 4/67/1

Passing: Stewart: 2/4/20

Receiving: Mtway: 1/11/1, Johnson: 1/9

Offensive MVPs of the Week: Htway, Jacob Cortez, Vinson Samudio, Matthew Colley


Tackles: Colin Carabajal (7), Kirk Stringham (6), Kris Salinas (4)

Assists: Stringham (4), Carabajal (3), three Sandcrabs (2)

Interceptions: Carabajal, Esteban Cruz, Min Htway (1)

Sacks: Carabajal, Stringham, Cruz, Zach Ramirez (1)

Defensive MVP of the Week: Carabajal, Stringham


Special Teams MVP of the Week: Esteban Cruz